Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing.

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  1. Kk Cons Ardi

    I love this

  2. Jeremy Ferguson


  3. EvilRickMaster

    You guys should tak to Capcom to let you use their characters in some MARVEL What the...? clips, I'd like to see MODOK's reaction of being in a fighting game XD

  4. 6402680

    Make Mine Marvel :D

  5. Lolito TheCreed

    Marvel + Capcom = AWESOME

  6. dc marvel

    marvel is the best

  7. No Cha

    Ultimate Spiderman TV? Spiderman 4?

  8. MJgroove90

    whens 21 being put up plz

  9. 0gami1tto

    Are you guys gonna put the original X-Men series on here?

  10. Terry Hope

    ☺ LIKE THE ▼IDEOS! :)

  11. Jonas Quin Synaps

    Very cool channel

  12. thepouge1

    Happy Halloween, guys! That was a funny vid! Zoinks, ya'll!

  13. Joel Young


  14. Hawtep

    *Marvel vs Capcom 3 in Wii* is my dream

  15. Change Games Entertainment

    hey there, love your channel and artworks

  16. Rangga Warsito

    hello, cool channel here, i subbed please sub me back.......

  17. kiraxd

    Hey about Marvel vs capcom 3 ! Please use Emma Frost or Howard the character List...Please!!! will be awesome...

  18. Uninfin

    how many the avengers earth's mightiest heroes episodes are there? not micro ones

  19. marvelfannumber1

    @SuperShadow1010 He will get a cartoon based on ultimate spiderman airing on Disney XD in fall 2011.

  20. snajath123

    Can you please make a SILVER SURFER MOVIE!

  21. Jessmer Abing

    i gotta say i like the ironman movie from the rest

  22. Fernando psy


  23. Fernando psy

    avengers 3? woooooooooooooowwwwwww

  24. Ghost Dog

    this is late but R.I.P cable

  25. Khalil Huffman

    You have 666 videos....

  26. Keiji555

    So when is Mary Jane and Peter getting back together for good?

  27. Ryan Healy

    666 videos

  28. Gustava V

    Thanks for the X-men Evolution! I've seen all the seasons and I am soo sad that it is over.. :( This is the best x men series ever,because it has more "realistic" story and better action! I love this show! :) PS. can't you revive the X-Men Evolution? :(

  29. eyeshild21fan

    i just subbed 2 wolverine!! its a awsome comic!!! i really like mr.bendisses work his writing seems so real the people talk like actual people! i think mr lafanttes art is awsome for usm!!! keep up the MAX awsome work!!

  30. John Guitar Solo

    Love the new videos !!!

  31. PrinceNamor777

    luv this channel keep them coming

  32. 13thcrusade

    Make Mine Marvel True Believers! I would also like a Marvel No Prize Canuckleheads ;)

  33. Brandon Donahue


  34. MOSTxLFC

    marvel rules all the way

  35. Swedishmarvelking

    Besides OMD Marvel is pretty freaking great. Looking forward to the coming movies and the Avengers cartoon. Also, the Iron man anime kicks ass.

  36. LodossWarz

    MARVEL STEP YOUR GAME UP!!! DC is killin you guys in animation! why cant your animation be more adult? your Hulk series is the closest thing you guys got to DC and that still FAR way from what they offer...

  37. Belligerent Squirrel

    Would love to see some more Avengers!

  38. hilic3

    Many of your fans are not happy with your desicion to add M.O.D.O.K. for Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

  39. Eri

    What happend to the Iron man anime? it looks terrible, and nothing like the trailer you shown us :(

  40. Paget Music

    marvel helps me to see the future ahead off time teen to man

  41. Noahaon

    and will you upload or make any trailer for SHS: Season 2?

  42. Noahaon

    is the new x-game for consuls or only online?

  43. Vaportrail

    Hey Marvel guys. If I may, I'd like to suggest you guys set up some playlists for your different ID-news series. Searching for earlier/later videos is kind of a pain when they're unsorted like they are.

  44. Sonicsnout

    Yout Avengers playlist is out of order. Thanks for posting the episodes!

  45. Jorge Madge


  46. eyeshild21fan

    thanks 4 the invite aceptt! :D marvel is awsome because there charachters seem like normal people unlike superman!

  47. Timothy Harris

    does that hydra mech look like Brainiac's head or what? Besides that looks good.

  48. ShartimusPrime

    Love the Micro-episodes! I've geekasmed for each one!

  49. Deadpool25mm

    MARVEL YOUR THE BEST ! + the SHIELD comic is AWSOME!!!!!!

  50. kjhulk jenkins

    new micro episodes??????