$1 Street Food Around The World



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    From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world - POV style!
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    1. Cotton

      Thailand you can buy Thai local meal in 1$ exam. Pad Krapao

    2. Djole Pvlovic

      In srbija you can get burek for 100 dinara

    3. refrigerator salesman

      Why did they use a plastic bag for the pork buns that is so wasteful and it's so triggering

    4. Little Dog118

      Pls can you to Philippines

    5. guy brus

      What the time?

    6. Lia Garcia

      where’s the philippines?:(

    7. Im Mariane

      1:13 kanuka ng baraya sa Pilipinas hawig lang skl

    8. skelki Galatasaray

      Damn China gives you alot for 1 dollar

    9. bak osururum

      TURKEY ?

    10. Okeh Okeh

      In meh country with 1 euro u can by 5 fried donuts Its so tasty with yogurt

    11. Manav Juneja

      Each city in india had its different 100rs speciality

    12. Marr MLBB

      0:12 *ketchup mastard*

    13. Genafe Martel


    14. SoareZz Z

      "Can i have one PORRA please" kkkkkk taquiparui

    15. Taehyung's Wifeu

      In the philippines....

    16. Zincon Cabig

      1$ in philippines you can make it your all day food

    17. XxPurple sparklesxX

      Wait they have pesos in mexico? I thought only Philippines has pesos.. huh?

    18. Grace Clarke

      I wanna travel all the way to China just to eat those pork buns 😍😍

    19. Ruby Playz


    20. Fan Gamer

      *Omg,all the foods so good even india food delicious*

    21. Rashi Gupta

      I luv Pav bhaji from India 🇮🇳

    22. Qiqua Aque

      Eh...Where is Turkey?!

    23. xXBlablablaXx Mir fällt kein Name ein

      Turkey and Germany ?

    24. Muhammad khan

      Dude, you get vada pav in India for 10 rupees only

    25. Belladonna Took

      Italy > Naples - calzone/pizza fritta 1€

    26. Creepy Stories

      1$ in sweden you can get an water bottle

    27. Queen Lyn

      in the Philippines if you have one dollar you can buy a lot of street food so please include it next time

    28. taesty kookie

      wow. in the philippines everything is so much cheaper. literally one bag of chips is like 10 pesos. and in the ph, a us dollar is 50+ pesos!!

    29. dion ger

      Try souvlaki in Greece

    30. Dobranszky Patrik


    31. Shikha Chandra

      Hey! Dude India 's favorite street food is Golgapa

    32. oun li mey


    33. Roi Wassabi Fan

      This ie not around the world

    34. King Luis Gregorio

      You will just go to country and you will buy this

    35. Yoppy Irwan

      in my country all regular size meal around 1$.. i love Indonesia

    36. Chaska Sahertian

      You forgot indonesia😈👿👽👽 you make me 🤢🤢🤒🤒 you beter reuplode this vedeo becaus you forgot Indonesia

    37. Gustav Peep

      Indian food is disgusting 🤢🤢

    38. My Ding Ding Dong


    39. GachaAndrea Sings

      Filipino Street food please! It could be: Turon,Kwek Kwek,balut, and more!

    40. arpita mohanta

      I love Indian foods

    41. Murtaza Khan

      You missed Pakistan they have good food

    42. fun with cool girl

      Was it shayan from BuzzFeed India in the pavbhaji one?

    43. Une Kpopeuse

      mdrrr en France pour 1 euro ta un bonbon fr

    44. Junki

      French baguette

    45. Uyên Nhi

      Go Vietnames

    46. Beerus Sama

      20€ For a burger with full meat and ketchup in my country

    47. ItZ JeZ

      here in philippines, you can buy food & drinks, including desserts.

    48. Sila Fati

      The indian guy washed his hands in water then he put the water in the food😣😣😣

    49. Tan Chee lee

      *Hei! Can i buy a hot dog* Me:No!

    50. Joy Oparinde

      barbers off junk food