2spooky4u🎃 Amnesia: REPLAY Part 4



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    Amnesia the dark descent 8 years later playthrough finally continues
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    1. Lucas Astoreca

      You gotta play cry of fear again!

    2. Anna Masters

      This is fucking terrifying and I'm not even playing it

    3. Veronica P

      To think I've been watching this guy since I was 14 and now 21. He was the cool kid that ruled ID-news, now he's grown up to be a leader for 1% of the earth's population.

    4. OBlueBlood63

      3:30 barrel FLIP???????????

    5. Cereza Z

      30:29 my grandma always says that XD

    6. Elin Lindgren

      hiding in the comments like the good ol’ days

    7. Nomadic Santa

      Sweet barrel flip around 3:25

    8. Sophia Jones


    9. Ellen S

      I musta been 11 when I started watching your Amnesia videos, man. I was a young girl who didn't like myself and didn't believe in myself and I used to wait for you to upload every day because you made me laugh and made me feel like it was okay to be nerdy and a little bit weird. Big up ❤️

    10. Branflakez Da best

      Sir William smith? Fortnight? Coincidence? I think not.

    11. truelacrosse13

      Oh snap didn't know you finished this. Your commitment has impressed me.

    12. TrashClients


    13. Dead MP

      Agrippa deez nuts

    14. William Hjelm

      Hardmode was funnier :)

    15. itsyagirlhani

      holy shit i missed this, what a nostalgia

    16. Trevor Past

      i said pooping instead of shitting just in case. i wouldn't want to accidentally say the fuck word! oh poop.

    17. Tyler Vick

      Did anyone else notice the barrel flip at 3:28

    18. Juhani Pelaa

      Why you not playing hard mode????

    19. Sheikh Mohammad Amin

      Who's here to see comments on pewdiepie not uploading the next episode after a month?

      1. Awalks


    20. Eve Lyn

      You should see me playing this game... I fell off my chair once *cries*

    21. Gage Nelson

      The nostalgia is real

    22. aezek gaming

      1:55 im dying XD

    23. The Panacea

      Manly man shout at 30:18

    24. giang tran

      Seeing pewd play game again is good enough for me :3

    25. Jon McCarthy

      Stefano is the one true bro

    26. MaxMedia

      3:28 *barrel flip*

    27. ascending deity

      *SHUT UP* _D A N I E L_

    28. Lone Soldier

      Did anyone else realize at like 3:30 he landed the barrel flip?

    29. slippinjimmy

      The barrelshield actually worked. Good old Pewd strats.

    30. Saiodias Paladín

      Pewds: stupid lamp... Moth: L A M P

    31. Wajid Murad

      Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Take the barrel 😂😂 Dude I almost died

    32. Blue Specter

      PewDiePie, where is the intro you used to do. " hello everybody it's PewDiePie"

    33. John Kallios

      that barrel flip at 3:25 OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH

    34. lion.ngwele

      Scare pewdiepie season 2

    35. PedroSofal117

      20:30 amnesia predicted 2018 youtube rewind with Will Smith and Fortnite

      1. gal craftteam

        omg lmao

      2. aezek gaming


    36. LIONWAVE

      Stephano, Mr. Chair, Jennifer, Bro, Skully, Teleporting Naked Guys, Iron-maiden, BARRELS. I must admit, it's really cool that Pewds is playing Amnesia again, even though im still curious if he's officially back into or just the main game. I hope the personality and character from the old Amnesia make a return.

    37. Ne0cra

      I like that when it's dark, all we can see is your flying head and a mic

    38. Paladinson 9000

      the flashbacks make this playthrough unique and awesome.

    39. Isaac Chew

      I remember watching the old lets play when i was 7 years old every night and i would shit myself i am so glad he made a replay. i literally spent a whole day watching the replay

    40. SlySliceOfWhaleCheese

      Your mom’s eggs LMAOOOOO Edit: I was high when I posted that.

    41. Seithr Esm

      5:59 when i finally find that missing sock of a pair

    42. Harvey Lara

      thumps up

    43. Carly Anahdhdheuehfhehrhr

      2:04 to 2:18 that’s a scream I’m talking about

    44. pimdubi du

      Pewds you have to wait until so tension music is gone if you don't want to meet the monster

    45. ChildOfTheOneAlmighty

      Pewd: “oh ****, wait it’s just potato’s..... THEY LOOK LIKE HIM” 😂😂😂

    46. Oly1y

      So no more amnesia?

      1. high lander

        He just gave up lmao

    47. Kayleigh Weldon

      im suddenly back in middleschool days watching pewdiepie

    48. Russell Brown

      Can you imagine this game in VR? People would have legitimate heart attacks.