BIZARRE Intel Core i7 from CHINA for $100!!

Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips

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    1. Eduardo Donizette da Costa Júnior

      Voltage: 0 degrees 4:47

    2. Andrew Christiansen

      7:20 Main Video Guy: "I told you its all the way in" Buddy: "Thats not your first time sayin that!" I ABOUT DIED LOL!!!!!

    3. Sandy Vajhole

      you are infuriating.

    4. Kirill Bovin

      but HOW LONG it will LIVE??????? it's a BIG question

    5. Алексей Рубан

      it's better to buy Ryzen

    6. J. James

      I clicked on the genius link 4info on the processor how are you supposed to even read it to be able to buy it

    7. The Muslim RC Racer

      still on Z97 with 4690k

    8. billy boy

      love it lol

    9. BloopaGaming

      Use SuperBuy as Taobao agent, you can declare the package as much as you want so you don't need to pay taxes and custom prices

    10. My Angel Vuru

      Voltage 0°

    11. infly19

      11:58 Motherboard receiving power? You should disconnect the PSU before removing components.

    12. TheXboxSux

      Is it just me or does it always look like linus wear jeans 3 sizes too big and then holds them up with a potty training belt?

    13. Christian Rojas

      My pup was napping and then the pow pow pow pow happened and he woke up in alert ready to fight.

    14. R Montana

      Send your 1980's computer parts to Linus. He can build the future.

    15. Habituated Abnormality

      wow waste of time

    16. Kaiser Khan

      Canadian Rubbles?

    17. Joe Gravel

      5:12 the face of a man who measures his voltage in degrees.

    18. 王力

      There is a lga version for 4980hq。

    19. Mark Speir

      I'm just surprised it's real.

    20. R W

      FYI the $45usd you say was for taxes and duty was actually for the expedited freight you chose. China doesn't collect tax for Canada. If you're not in a rush to get an item a 30 day delivery costs significantly less and still might make the chip a deal. The $15 you paid at the door was actually taxes and likely a brokerage charge from the carrier. Probably much less than it should have been, sometimes stuff from china comes with lower customs declaration $ so taxes etc are lower.

    21. RedText In A Black Box

      33 years old and still making gun noises 9:45

    22. Guda Groda

      origin bc

    23. Prano YT

      yeah 100$. But it can also charge upto 105%

    24. Stephan S

      2:43 - "Rollercoaster 1 has broken down"

    25. Xlroyal E5ten

      Lmao the way he said "well we got it" might grab this for my HTPC

    26. 1.618033 3.14

      00:46 Canadian Ruples? Canada has dollars Russia has Rubles India has Rupees Maybe I'm uneducated or just missed something. Someone please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

    27. Modern Modern

      Chinese mimicry through stealing of our western inventiveness and trying to lay one on us! The Chinese are trying to bankrupt our advanced companies through beating us with backlash via cheap competitive items through Chinese government backed goods! That is super dangerous for our future, because what Chinese government can come up with money wise, our companies will not be capable of competing and getting bankrupt, which would leave our future in the hands of HuNan empire; and they are HuNan! HuNan will rape our children’s future via replacing our own products through imitations and taking over entirely later on! They are playing GO; surround and concur! Please, Don’t buy these cheap imitations, unless you want to destroy our children’s future!

    28. tubozza


    29. writerNB

      Heh Heh, we have to wait until 13:31 for Linus to tell us he "wouldnt recommend it". I've built maybe 10 custom PCs (and I'm still learning...) You cannot use the stock cooler... You have to "guess" which motherboard (this 4720HQ processor) works in? Then, Linus attempts to place it into the socket... But it doesnt have the "tabs" (that align it correctly), so then he "throws in a washer" to use as a "spacer" (but Linus' video skips at this point, so we dont see how his "spacer" allowed the CPU retention bracket to close!)... Then, towards the end of video he (thankfully) mentions all the hidden costs of actually getting this processor delivered... No sale... I wouldnt even recommend experienced techs use this 4720HQ. (Interesting academic exercise... only).

    30. srecko sojic


    31. DrawingDreams都しおん


    32. CaptainConcerned Sr.

      why is an AMD card almost never involved in tests and benchmarks

      1. mikeb mikeb

        Because NVidia pays a lot of money and provides free GPUs for youtube top bloggers, while AMD is more honest in this relation

    33. Shawn Burton

      Can you overclock the 4720hq?

    34. Iron Overheat

      1:01 Ah yes, Origin BC, the only place where you can buy the advanced calculation machines, the abacus.

    35. John Doe

      I would only use that on a cheap board just in case there is something weird going on. That way it would not ruin an expensive board if something does happen.

    36. b01101

      what kind of person doesnt skip the adds instantly? ? ?

    37. Ray Vance


    38. Yussef Ibn la ahad

      i wouldn't trust it too much in the long run though i stick to my overpriced legit 9900k ahah

    39. Akeel Shah

      do more videos like this

    40. mujjuman

      this is the best

    41. Yeezy westy

      take a shot everytime he says 4770k

    42. Klondike Mike

      Great production!

    43. Ritchie Williams

      you obviously have no experience in ESD prevention

    44. Mario Babic

      worst ever dress lmao

    45. laernulieNlaernulieNlaernulieNNeil Hart

      I really like how you actually say for people to click the thumbs down if they didn’t like the video instead of all the other ID-newsrs who end every video with “don’t forget to like and subscribe and as always, thanks for watching” do they teach that line at ID-newsr university or content creators college of cringe things?

    46. BIGBOOG

      chine se shit works

    47. Jay Lever

      It'd be great to see a scrapyard challenge based on Chinese aftermarket parts.

    48. xSage420

      4:19 You hear that sound when he puts in the 2nd RAM ?

    49. HE//

      Uncle Linus Knows Best

    50. dibbstar

      i have a 1800x and its a beast