Browns vs. Giants Highlights | NFL 2018 Preseason Week 1


  1. Moood Medo

    اَْلّيِ وگٍعتٍ عيِنَهً ع تٍعلّيِقيِ اَْنَشاَْلّلّهًهً يِتٍحًحًقق اَْلّيِ أاَْباَْلّهً اَْشتٍرگٍوواَْاَْ بقنَاَْتٍيِيِ مٌردودهًهًμوؤاَْلّرب اَْعرفُ عدد مٌشتٍرگٍيِنَيِ گٍمٌ اَْحًمٌ يِعنَيِ مٌحًد يِجُذٍب اَْوگٍ خلّيِنَيِ اَْشوفُ گٍمٌ واَْحًد رحً يِشتٍرگٍ وردهًهً

  2. nine dawgs

    First play of the game BARKLEY Did it!

  3. Kyle Groce

    Browns are at least winning three to four games this year

  4. Dunkn Donuts 101

    Anyone else just here for saquon and mayfeild?

  5. Tha Gip

    Mayfield is more of a threat than Dak right now. Wish we had picked him up. Where ever Dez go he'll be in good hands

  6. Adam Fisk

    The Browns looked significantly better than last year, but I think if the Giants' secondary had been a little tighter and Webb had completed that one pass to the end zone that he overthrew, the Giants would have won. Overall, New York definitely looked very impressive.

  7. Anonymous

    Browns were flawless last year.

  8. Dewey Tahkeal

    Dam Taylor looks not so good, but dam for Baker dude looks like he's ready to get down. Think the browns actually found a winner

  9. June Hodge

    Browns 2018= 1-15

  10. Alex Dan

    Why the Bbc number 13 for NY is not paying 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  11. Ari Shapiro

    Baker is amazing

  12. Mr. Max Ulrich

    Who else is watching this after Hard Knocks Episode 2

  13. WorkandGames420

    I think browns finally found a QB and receiver.

  14. FettyGamer

    Giants shoulda drafted Baker

  15. mark pfromm

    Kinda sucks that Joe Thomas isn't around to experience this. I can't think of anyone more deserving of a ring than him.

  16. Alan Senzaki

    After all these years and quarterbacks maybe they have finally found a winner. Mayfield looked good. Great mechanics- footwork,arm,vision,movement .

  17. Doctor Satan

    happy feet

  18. Michael Farenborn

    Mayfield looked great!

  19. ronindebeatrice

    Dis gonna be good.

  20. lobster gangsta

    Browns looking great

  21. lobster gangsta

    No this doesn't count as a real w

  22. MSK ACE

    Mayfield is so underwhelming

  23. Brandon White


  24. Military Madden

    Tyrod is calm and collected

  25. anime thighs saves lives

    maybe the browns could win at least two games in the regular season

  26. Annelise Williams

    Must be embarrassing to be a NY Giants player right now

  27. FONNIE Gaming

    I’m not one for the browns but with there wide receivers and quarterback they can get the ball down the field fast

  28. Sk8great08

    No offense to Johnny who had a phenomenal college career, but if you watch mayfield's pocket presence, this is what you want on your team Browns.

  29. Tj is Destiny

    I'm a Giant's fan but mayfield looks good go browns

  30. MrStrongBro

    Let's all admire 6:39... That's absolute talent.

  31. Legendary Uzi Sayian

    The Browns Have A Special QB Baker Mayfield #BrownsMakingHistory

  32. David Nitendel

    Browns are diving for the legs the much

  33. slayjah

    1.5 mil views!

  34. Malia Siologa

    Haha! Browns remind me of the Padres

  35. Karl Augustin Negado

    Mayfield is Brady- esque!!

  36. Frank

    Its a wake up call for the Team. Better come prepared

  37. Altraxxx

    If the browns make the Superbowl ill give everyone that replies to this comment 5 bucks

  38. Andrew Horner

    I think the browns are starting there big rebuild there a good team but not anything like a playoff team maybe in like five years when Baker Mayfield Myles Garrett and David njoku get a little more experience and getting Jarvis Landry was a great add to there passing game

    1. Andrew Horner

      I expected a five win season

  39. Mr. Morris

    Dem Giants Be To Tall...

  40. Radford University

    Was that a penalty for trash talking? Wow

  41. Oldmanfunky

    It would be nice for the Browns to get to a bowl other then the toilet. I wish them luck this season.

  42. Scottie Barrett

    barkleys first touch though :)

  43. Fireball GameS

    Maybe they will be good

  44. Matt Scarey

    Man im so excited to see the browns play this year. Landry, Tyrod, myles garrett, baker mayfield, and hyde just a few have so much to prove.

  45. Phoeriticz

    the fumble though

  46. Phoeriticz

    ummm the browns are good now? i saw it stufu

  47. Gucci Killa

    That’s sad Giants lost against Browns

  48. Stephen

    Did odell play?

    1. ARMAGEDDON 703

      Stephen No, I don't think so.

  49. Shotzxy -

    Taunting how the hell was talkin to the db taunting

  50. Justified -

    so happy these videos are back