BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE YOURSELF 結 Answer 'Epiphany' Comeback Trailer



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    BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE YOURSELF 結 Answer 'Epiphany' Comeback Trailer


    Director : YongSeok Choi (Lumpens)
    Assistant Director : Guzza, HyeJeong Park, MinJe Jeong (Lumpens)
    Director of Photography : HyunWoo Nam(GDW)
    Robot Arm Operator : DaeHong Kim
    Gaffer : SeungHoon Shin
    Art Director : JinSil Park, Bona Kim (MU:E)
    Technical Director : SukKi Song
    Key Scenic artist : YeongJun Hong

    BigHit Entertainment. All rights reserved.
    Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
    Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea.

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    1. life hope

      Ilove you bts forever from the Arab country Iraq 😘😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗👍👍👍👍👍😥😥😥

    2. BTS & aRMy's Legend kings


    3. BTS & aRMy's Legend kings

      army we need your help at voting for Korea popular music awards and Seoul music awards ... you can download the apps KPMA vote and 28th SMA global vote 🙏💜5thing

    4. Michelle Vaz

      2050 anyone?

    5. BTS forever

      So close to 38 M ❤. Fighting Jin Stans and Armys who are here like me 💪💜

    6. BTS forever

      As you guys know we are having a st*£aming party for DNA and some other BTS MVS 💪. But don't forget to add Epiphany and Singularity on your List too 💜

    7. I'm in love with seven angels

      Jin high notes adorable 😍😍😍😍

    8. rm, you got no jams

      Cham isanghae bunmyeong na neoreul neomu saranghaetneunde (saranghaetneunde) Mwodeun neoege matchugo neol wihae salgo shipeotneunde Geureolsurok nae mamsoge pokpungeul gamdanghal su eopge dwae Utgo itneun gamyeon soge jinjja nae moseubeul da deureonae I’m the one I should love in this world Bitnaneun nareul sojunghan nae yeonghoneul Ijeya kkaedara so I love me Jom bujokhaedo neomu areumdaun geol I’m the one I should love Saranghago shipeo in this world Bitnaneun nareul sojunghan nae yeonghoneul Ijeya kkaedara so I love me Jom bujokhaedo neomu areumdaun geol I’m the one I should love I’m the one I should love I’m the one I should love

    9. Maca Xkpop


    10. •EO• Palacios

      Hermosa Melodia ❤

    11. Günay Eyyubova fan


    12. mayito7u7 jeje

      Art ❤

    13. Marcela Santos


    14. Priscila Silva

      ¡No solo porque ya pasó el cumpleaños de Jin significa que no hay que seguir pr0duciend0! No sé ustedes, pero yo voy a seguir escuchando esta joyita

    15. Zs Farkas

      That is a good listen it!!

    16. Mary Orozco

      No porque es el cumpleaños de Jin solo ese día la voy a Escuchar yo siempre la escucho cada segundo de mi vida es hermosa

    17. efil

      I love his voice so much😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    18. Kara 696

      Love you Jin !!!!

    19. otaku kpoper

      I am dead

    20. Ryahin Almusawi


      1. 123vante anne


    21. Ryahin Almusawi


    22. 123vante anne

      37 881 067 2:41am kst dec 14 2018

      1. 123vante anne

        37 884 813

      2. 123vante anne

        37 883 380

      3. 123vante anne

        37 882 308

    23. 123vante anne


    24. 123vante anne


    25. SALT is SALTY


    26. 123vante anne

      i love me

    27. Min Yoongi

      ТАк блять, хули просмотры не растут, я не понял, что за хуйня

    28. 2seok , mafer

      My baby deserves the best

    29. 123vante anne

      37 878 271💪

    30. bianca

      keep str3ming!!!

    31. Parveen Akther

      Jin deserves more view. This song is so beautiful and so warming 😭😭😭😭. Please stream.

    32. NAMJON KIM

      يجنننن ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    33. űñķñøwñ person

      I'm the one you should love!!!!!!!!!!!!

    34. Fan BOY

      كم احبك ياسوكجين ايها الوسيم العالمي اعشقك😍

    35. Christa Briceno

      Gracias por esta hermosa canción Jinnie

    36. Christa Briceno

      Te amo, te amo, te amo, te amo tanto Jin

    37. Sooraaa__ hime


    38. Christa Briceno

      I love you so much Jin

    39. Christa Briceno

      No sé ustedes, pero yo estoy aqui al menos tres veces al día. La voz de Jinnie es preciosa 😭💕💕💕

    40. StreamSingularity100m vante123anne


    41. kim smile

      37 874 820🔒

    42. Sindhu Kalees

      whenever I'm hearing this song I'm getting goosebumps. am I the only one?

    43. Darsha Darnia

      *jin's voice* is the DEFINITION of *HEAVEN*

    44. Darsha Darnia

      *jin's voice* is the sound you'll hear at *the gates of heaven*

    45. 123vante anne

      37 874 146💪💜

    46. Rachel Gardner

      I'm still here and wait for Jin's next birthday!!

    47. Настя Алекс


    48. StreamSingularity100m vante123anne

      37 873 932 💜

    49. Pritika Yadav


    50. 4프로 YOUTUBE

      섹시하다!̆̈ !̆̈ 김석진!̆̈ !̆̈