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    1. Jay Dot

      i feel like this is an attack on toronto and i don't know why

    2. Sizable Healer

      Ahhhh colours I don’t like new things ahhhh

    3. Fhantom Slayer_

      Why did Domics colour this video? Because if he can do it whenever I would like him to do it every video.

    4. Temmie Games

      Iz dis hao itz leik In caNaDa

    5. Big Guy Videos

      Can I kill the dumb store lady?

    6. Junior Kingsman

      She's Fucking Annoying As Fuck like bitch shut the Fuck up

    7. DiscoveringBlox

      Cashiers are BULESHIIIIIIRT

    8. Izersports payton

      This happened to me on the phone

    9. Maira Ramirez

      Típico vas a comprar cereal y te reinas llevando 3 hijo y un montón de subscripciones inútiles XD..... y el cereal.

    10. I still am Hallucinating

      COLORS! 😍😍

    11. Enric Gue

      Did domics poo

    12. Randomly Awesome

      Lul 😬😬😂😂😂

    13. Thanos

      He should have just left when she signed him up for the card

    14. Super Mario Braden

      Plz make a part 2

    15. WizRaveThunPott

      3:52 “HeY yOu WaNnA hUrRy Up, My BaNaNaS aRe MeLtInG!!”

    16. First Class Trash

      As a person with cashier experience, honestly, the donation thing, while it's annoying to be asked, we are pressured, CONSTANTLY by our bosses to push donations. A lot of these things, are what we're forced to push and mention. But I also understand it from the customer side, and I find this funny as hell.

    17. Elisha Garrison

      Some people, am I right

    18. Sofia RAMOS

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    19. Pomeranian Bitch

      *Hey you wanna hurry up other there? My bananas are melting* -Quote by that dude

    20. budy boy Pringle baby

      gingerpale made that backround

    21. Rafael Smith


    22. TheLegend27

      I saw this and thought that gingerpale must of made the background

    23. Cringe Cop

      5:02 I just wanted my cereal...

    24. Jeremy Kurtz

      Haha melted flakes

    25. BloodyPaperNote

      Ugh imagine being polish and encounter this kind of situation

    26. Diamondxfile gaming

      If I were you I wouldve just ran away from that cashier

    27. Seoul Ghoul

      Its colored!

    28. Narut9

      **Stressed out** just watching

    29. Juan Lau

      Omg if you are paying 5.65 for a 4.00 item after taxation it means that the tax is 41.25%

    30. Jake Davis

      This is bullshit, she is bullshit, and those raccoons are bullshit, those kids are bullshit, PEACE *shoots self*

    31. Migos YRN

      know am late but I love this one xD

    32. Joonie thebest


    33. Timothy Panngam

      I nearly died laughing. I hate all those questions and charity requests too 😂.

    34. Blue Gemstone

      Ok come on we’re not that bad 😂

    35. Ambipie

      Shut up you old lady

    36. Jhin Lover

      I actually got triggered

    37. Lady Di


    38. Person Pacman


    39. Egcart 1357

      I literally had this kind of cashier yesterday. I swear they were making EVERYTHING up and pocketed the money. I was also just buying some cereal too 😂

    40. lost astronaut

      Friend - Why are you depressed ? Me - I just wanted cereal but I got three kids instead.

    41. Popcornbunch

      He put a lot of effort in this how long did this take?

    42. Scarf V

      Yay color

    43. კΙбthebraɨɴs

      So true

    44. LuckyLuke 3000

      5:01 When you try to make a bowl of cereal, but nothing comes out except all the dust from the bottom of the box. 🤣🤣🤣

    45. Boar Guts

      5:25 I see what you're doing there, you sly fox

    46. ecw 4 life

      "I'M NOT PLAYIN YO' GAMES!!!" - Hardstoplucas

    47. lil spark


    48. Sam Games

      right as he said bass for headphones my headphones whent booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so ya

    49. Blaze’n Frost


    50. Marika Atwah

      that nichijou face he made at 5:05 LOL

    51. DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

      Oh ma god my everything hurts😂😂Breathing like I finished a marathom 💀

    52. NaKa Ji

      I can't.

    53. Dracos244 Gaming

      Hate it when this happens

    54. FunkyPlayz

      best way to avoid this is juts look them dead in the eye with a monotone dead flat voice and say "im dead inside"

    55. Phantom jack

      And this is why I don't like shopping

    56. Digital DJ

      Welcome to "Malwart" 😂😂😂

    57. Wolfieplays Channel


    58. Leanne Spencer

      “I just wanted to have a nice bowl of cereal, now I have three children.”

    59. Ban’s_Gacha_ Channel

      *......and thats the reason i buy stuff online*

    60. Kristen Brown

      wow is this one of your first fully colored videos

    61. Matthew Mazzetti

      Damn, this looks gorgeous!

    62. C38 ric

      My bananas are melting

    63. bacon

      I hate it when someone adopts someone for me.

    64. RandomGuy / TyToonz

      *Malwart* Walmart: *O_o*

    65. JЦᄂIΛ


    66. Lps Plum

      I swear I'll choke this woman

    67. Jacobi Lim

      you just want cereal and you end up with THREE CHILDREN but hey at least your the vice president or a anime club

      1. Jacobi Lim

        or =of

    68. Kpopismyhope 0_0

      I swear I would have shouted "CAN I JUST GET MY DAMN CEREAL"

    69. cdansean cho

      I wouldve just punched her and reported her to cops because of how she knew ALL MY PERSONAL INFO!!!

    70. Hamster Keeper

      I thought this was going to be a video ABOUT this

    71. OverseerNick

      Ik this was made for laughs, but she just annoys me

    72. Kaden Henley

      What the actual hell did I just watch

    73. CALAMITYinator A


    74. yellow dragon

      plus i signed you up to sign up for stuff" and MORE STUFF YAYAYAYAYA. she has no life.

    75. Sam Frye

      I’m a cashier and this exactly what I try not to do. Like no I know you just wanna buy your shit and leave, if you donate great if you don’t your fine. Don’t give me a long winded excuse I’ll be fine and we’ll still raise money. This makes me cringe. Ps those free rewards cards tho do help so if you wanna sign up DO ITTTTT

    76. Justin White

      4:57 malwarl

    77. Justin White


    78. max young

      Literally Gamestop

    79. Natte

      Is this domedy EP 2? 🤠

    80. Iggv Iggviilanueva

      And after this moment they never found the cashier’s body

    81. meep meep

      Little Rickey

    82. TheMasonGamer

      *and now I have three children*

    83. I don’t know

      Does this actually happen in the US please tell me no

    84. Qryz Playz

      *melted flakes*

    85. Willem Neuefeind Lessig

      best video ever

    86. don’t invite suzy

      lil ricky

    87. Electric Banana

      This was too accurate

    88. Oskie Badoskie

      Uhh what does the man mean" My banannas are meting!"?

    89. Alien Bomb

      Publix in a nutshell

    90. Kai Henshu

      Lol, so true. I work as a courtesy clerk and one of the cashiers I work with does exactly that XD

    91. Xx_EpicGamer_xX

      Lol my mom said this happened to her.

    92. MizzLola2563

      “My bananas are melting”

    93. Aztroz

      Thank you for donating, I approve of you donating to Ricky. Unfortunately he has passed away while blind right by his double blind mother. But anyway make sure to check out Raccoons Weekly, I’m on page 26! Also that’s it, bye.

    94. Death Lord57

      This is when you loudly say no to all other offers and flip them off when you're walking out with your cereal.

    95. Chris Beckler

      This is obviously inspired by that one South Park episode where the cashier keeps wanting Randy to donate to the starving children

    96. valarie Clark

      kimara:-) 💩😸🙏🙏mtaylor

    97. Ronald Muñoz

      Brah it do be bad when yo bananas melting

    98. zapole

      Rapthalia ;3

    99. Yasmin Hayes

      Man that’s deep

    100. wanna one's shit

      legend says that the cashier is still talking