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    1. yoozfede

      Hello domics im italien. You doing a god job

    2. Gmodifire

      I also hate children Even tho their not mine

    3. the_gaming_pros

      Domics congrats man you made it on ID-news rewind but bad ID-news rewind is really bad but I'm just here say congrats

    4. Krz2


    5. José Silva T.

      when the cashier is a californian queer SJW .

    6. Luca Universo

      That's why I only buy things on Amazon

    7. FusRoDah Daily

      0:48 I don't think it was necessary to draw a retarded left hand.

    8. DA WAY

      You appear in worst ID-news video ever

    9. Max Chan


    10. Jess Tracy

      I am so proud of Domics making it into the ID-news rewind. Tbh, I’ve been watching him since he started and I always believed he would grow into something bigger. I know a bunch of you, disagree with him appearing, but that’s something to be proud of. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

    11. Obi Wan

      #colorDomics..... Yayyyy

    12. Siknik64


    13. Peoria Ogle

      She talks like a robot 🤖

    14. gaming all night

      Did he make the floor and colors because of ginger pale.

    15. Kuzhii


    16. Chetan Sharma

      You might not have known, but you are in the youtube rewind this year. Seeing you was like seeing a friend in a party full of strangers.

    17. Christian Acal

      Pinoy ka?

    18. Cool Dudette


    19. First Name Last Name

      Dominic sounds like a dad that wants to be hip and cool

    20. Edwin Samonte

      Can u post more

    21. Tom Sparey

      Goes in for cereal comes out with kids, the Vice President of a anime club and guy behind your now has melted bananas.

    22. Kaiju Slayer333

      How does it feel to contribute to the most hated video on the website?

    23. Bladeygaming

      This is my fear when shooping

    24. AssassinproHD

      You were one of the best parts of ID-news rewind

    25. Astuto

      The only good part in yt rewind is the animators

    26. BerzerkBattery

      he just wanted cereal...

    27. Daniel Erenavula

      Hey Dom next time you say "Huh?" can you add that tik tok girl saying it next time. pls.

    28. Jessica Talbert

      You were the only good thing about ID-news rewind besides that dog

    29. The Asia Innovation Air Tech Company

      weird but dumb cashier like if you agree

    30. TheLionheart021

      I know it's not your fault, but how does it feel to be part of the most disliked YTR ever? Not being sarcastic. Wanna know if you regret it, why or why not?

    31. liiindseyyy

      like the new thumbnail style 👍🏻

    32. Frosty Cane

      Lol I’ve never encountered a cashier like that. The ones I talk to are basically NPC

    33. Cathy Aw

      If it was me I would just leave

    34. Andreyan Yabut

      Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle *JUST KIDDING*

    35. Yong CHOONG SHIONG

      He just wanted cereal

    36. lunas275

      Offff technicolor :D

    37. Ke Xun

      you know u did the character well when u wanna smack her

    38. Anurag Pandey

      How do you make this video

    39. Simon Chao

      Domics, Great Video. But I am wondering if you have an editor called Casey Chang working for you as he keeps on claiming that he is the main editor for you, even though he is only 15.

    40. Casey Fuller

      Actual- *nO I oNlY wAnT oNe YoU bItCh* One like= one not dumb manager 🙂

    41. Me and Me

      Bruhhhhhhhh bin 2 weks start naking new vidzzzz

    42. Crazypoketrainer !

      This is exactly every cashier in the world

    43. SpinosaurusStudios

      fuck you little Asian cunt get outa my rewind

    44. Alexis Bennett

      2:43 going through puberty like

    45. Christian Rivera

      Saw you in youtube rewind 2018. That is a good accomplishment

    46. Matt Thomas


    47. Your Local TI84

      *Congrats for making Rewind 2018* Even though it's bad

    48. Andhy Arroyo

      Do a face reveal!!! Please (like if u want)

    49. TazerTuber


    50. Samanth Martinez

      The only good thing of ID-news rewind was you!