Dr. Phil DESTROYS spoiled brat!!!! . -- Dr Phil #7



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    1. silant.nature

      she is such a b....

    2. Felicia Järn

      DAYUM!! SHE SMOKES WEED?! [`~`] HEY PEWDIE (sorry i forgot i had caps lock on) YOU SHOULD ALSO BE IN DA DR.PHIL SHOW AND DESTROY OTHER BRATS!! (Like if u agree)

    3. Mike Animates

      Woooooooooooow weeeeeeeeeeeeeew

    4. Aden Nakashima

      ok but like everyone knows that dr phil is just about judging kids tbh

    5. Derek xer

      Dad of 2018! Rosted!

    6. Cesar Collado

      If my sister did that my mom would break her

    7. Carter Ross

      I yawn

    8. Bennett Tyrone

      T Series i don’t even know how they stand a chance

    9. kb86

      7:17 so she is a theoretical prostitute?

    10. Pepps Teixeira

      dat gal shouldn't do that kind of thing to my boy Dr. Phil

    11. Ava Ross

      Someone send her to boarding school

    12. hellbent gaming


    13. Fanf vs guns

      Lol your my favioret youtuber

    14. Takeo Hozuki, king of the universes

      Feminine product. *lenny face intensifies*

    15. jsbd hsvsbs

      18:03 the subtitles lol

    16. Alexander Hines

      Hold up, daughter " I started having sex a year ago", doctor Phil "she's fourteen". Hmmm 14-1=13, wtf. "KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK FBI OPEN UP"

    17. ColderWarrior4

      Eat sleep sex repeat

    18. Riven Of A Thousand Voices

      Not applause... But App Louse

    19. Engi Man

      I wanted to see the mother go to jail!!!

    20. Jack Piotrowski

      “All kids are stupid” I can relate to that because I am a lifeguard and most of the kids that go there are stupid( Im not actually mean Im a nice guy)

    21. Polina Spasova

      I smashed the like button just because of the joke about the "thoughts", lol

    22. عبد المعز الدوكالي

      savage dr. phil complete distruction crying brats are just soo funny

    23. Hamilton Forever

      Excuse me, a _professional_ dominatrix in _professional_ BDSM does not have sex. Nothing gets penetrated. Did you see how I said that *_professionally_*

    24. BradenCrombie

      hes really filling that 14 year old

    25. Lemon and Lime

      Around 7b don't yawn huh?

    26. Criptic Gamer342

      that is a huge clap!!!!!!💂👌

    27. subhin surendiran


    28. Jake Greenhouse

      1 sub = pewdiepie beats t series. If I get 5000k dr Phil beats both pewdiepie and t series! Have a nice day :)))

    29. Erica love the little club reese

      Get dr phill to get rid of t series the no minded spoiled brat that sits down drink a beer

    30. Simply

      Does no one see how this isn’t ok. She’s a human that has her own life. She can’t do what she wants. Everyone’s laughing and judging her and talking to her disrespectfully. On top of that they’re are going to force to go to some sort of ranch. Regardless of whether she’s doing something “illegal”. I at least need someone to realize how wrong this is. Reminds me of a Black Mirror episode or something

    31. BrickFilms

      um did anyone turn on subtitles at 13:20?

    32. Ahmad Luqman

      Every dr.phil show be like a diss off

    33. Constantine Callas

      Yo I yawn -smashes like-

    34. Espee Productions

      Screw t series who’s with me

    35. Mengly Kunthy

      Make the show

    36. 0ne Cat

      16:45 is how Pewdiepie will take down T-Series

    37. Zack Townsend

      6:15 as a kid, I can confirm this.

    38. TheMarshmellow SnowQueen

      *SITS* The way the mother is speaking sounds like she smoked some dope before coming on the show. Even though she is supposed to be there for her daughters' well-being... ..... ..... *mother of the year everyone*

    39. Jake teh Snake

      Pewds is dad.

      1. Jake teh Snake

        JK lol.

    40. Lizzy #RawFam


    41. Churro Channel

      The 10k people who who disliked don’t yawn

    42. 7up689 gameing

      This is a the point where its like FBI stuff

    43. 7up689 gameing

      Time 0:9

    44. Rincce

      We talking about HMMMMMMMM👀

    45. Jackson Jones

      All the grandmas watch Pewdiepie even mine

    46. James Wright

      Hey that mean but right (All kids are dumb)

    47. Hyped TM

      I love your videos you are so funny thx for the great content there is no channel more original ✅✅✅

    48. Jared Reinstein

      She looks like she could be cleanprincegamings sister 🤣

    49. The Cousins

      No one likes t series da doy

    50. Vexyr