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H.E.R. - Could've Been (Official Video) ft. Bryson Tiller



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    “Could’ve Been” feat. Bryson Tiller (Official Video):
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    1. Sephora K

      bryson's voice appreciation ^^

    2. Ckodie Hxxx

      am i the only one that ships them😭😍😮

    3. Cedric Waller

      Wow nice chop from Take 6's "Come unto me!"

    4. farah francisque

      This video for some reason made me realize Bryson tiller is sexy af omg I didn’t realize he was so sexy like this he don’t need to rock that tight ass hat cause without it omg 😮


      Her voice is just impeccably chill and laid backkkk....the fact that she doesn’t even have to try🎀🌹😌

    6. Tracey Harvey

      I can’t stop playing this song over and over

    7. shut up

      this song is a bop, no lies!

    8. Misz Bella Levi Israel

      I love everything bout H.E.R.😭😭❤️❤️ she’s the best in the game right now hands down and her voice touch my 10th level melanated psych spirit and mind 😭❤️😍👸🏽🙏🏾🤷🏾‍♀️

    9. Fatin Zamani

      Can anyone suggest me H.E.R’s song that i can into my feelings while hearing to them??? Please reply 😢

    10. prosperous star

      yall who here b/c of Grammys sleeping & late asf! she been out for over 3yrs! just like mfs was sleeping on ella mai with 10,000 hours, but caught on after boo'd up yeah let that sink in. real art of music lovers been recognize! keep on listening to bs🖕✌️

    11. prosperous star

      u right boo, but i can't live in "should, would or could have" u the past bro & i live in the present. but u will always have a place in my heart"❤️💋✌️

    12. stan plt thots

      mv director: gabi, you cannot wear those damn glasses the set is already dark. h.e.r.: if i can't wear my glasses, he can't be allowed to wear his hat. bryson: ... h.e.r.: ...

    13. TotalWomanJa

      And my girl H.E.R got her Grammy! So much value in her music.♥️♥️♥️♥️

    14. Lola Famule

      I love this song

    15. Denise Jones


    16. RisStxy Goldd

      If I made a video with Bryson I would fall in love and all my feelings would be real 😫😭

    17. Jason Johnson

      Bryson has brought back the art of true slow jam

    18. Sharon Kim

      can't believe she's only 21

    19. Meme Black

      It hurts because I'm still in love with my "could have been"😢.

    20. Meli Rodgers

      Got broken up on Valentine’s Day, wish this song wasn’t so perfect

    21. Skksjs

      i like it, cause its 4 minutes

    22. King Deo

      Open your eyes beautiful

    23. kiki pop

      This my shit

    24. Eric Redding

      H.E.R is soo damn fine, like when it be showing her lips I just loose it

    25. Ayanna B

      But this.

    26. Marlon oliveira

      Idêntica a Iza 😱😱

    27. Tiffany

      I love this song but it automatically puts me in a thought of my ex..ugh!

    28. Every iPhone The same

      I’m a dude is it gay for me to listen to this?

    29. SlimJim Crew

      They would b a cute couple

    30. Karine Volponi

      Tooopppp 🇧🇷

    31. Regina Angu

      🎵look me in my eyes, don’t that feel nice 🎵 😩😩

    32. Angela Perez

      Absolutely love this song. Gives me that 99-2000 vibe. 😘😍

    33. Maah S


    34. Roadrunner show Real is all ways me

      Vibes to this song hard 💯💯🔥🔥

    35. bamboozle3000

      Her voice is so beautiful 😭❤️

    36. gummy bear

      What a beautiful song.

    37. unicorn unicorn

      I ship

    38. alex voronov


    39. Offical Angela

      Is they dating

    40. Yvonne Watts

      Why is H.E.R. Always wearing glasses 👓 for some reasons? Me: H.E.R why u always be wearing glasses. H.E.R.: because I want to.

    41. Karen Valentim

      Essa música ❤❤👏

    42. Angel Fuentes

      Her me encanta tu voz cantas precioso ;)

    43. yakseok poongyeong

      guys, stop saying you are here because bts presented her award. she was good before they even presented her award. i’m an army and she’s sounded great before bts presented it. it’s just kind of rude that you say you’re here because if bts. please be mindful fellow armies :(

    44. TooOffensive901

      EPIC this song will be a rotation for years to come this is a classic

    45. Sam Hearne

      My love put me on her and I fell in love with her music I’m glad she got a Grammy

    46. Braxton Katerama Hurinui

      Yall need to date.

    47. Hassan Farah

      I'm here after Grammy. This song is ❤❤❤❤😘😘

    48. Laysia Bluitt

      Deep thoughts

    49. Nachaa Francisca

      Mtv push?

    50. Sameer Love

      I’m so happy that I discovered her as an a new artist 4 years ago! I love her so much, such an amazing artist! ❤️

    51. issa lil BREEZY

      Bryson 😍😍😍

    52. Georgi Ramod

      Antes de la premiación de los grammys los jovenes de BTS dijeron que eras una de sus favoritas y luego se les vio tan contentos de entregarte el grammy , ahora que conozco tu música te volviste una de mis favoritas realmente tienes un gran talento y una voz maravillosa

    53. Caine & Jass

      We could've been

    54. Daisy Stone

      Yaw cute cute together 🤩❤️🤣

    55. D. Roberts

      2:32 Looks like the I-195 or 395 bridge in Miami leading to Miami Beach

    56. Delicieuxable

      A lot of us been here since H.E.R Vol I .. Okay

    57. Xasean warxinski


    58. Hel Hag

      Instant goosebumps... Touching so many feelings...

    59. Itz_ Auri

      Okay this low-key is annoying me but stop saying that ur here because of bts stop acting like there gods just because there cute

    60. Sierra xoxo

      "It could've been right but, I was wrong" 💔

    61. Ronnie Evers

      I love this slow groove....but a sad song.....players.........SMH.........

    62. Gabriel White

      Happy Valentine's day folks 🌺🌺🌺aloha🌺🌺🌺

    63. Carlos Souza

      Lovely video

    64. Sun Rae

      Listen to this while watching the rain through my window.

    65. Rita Leão

      Song perfect 😍😍😍

    66. Baduur Ch

      Look me in my eyes dont that feel nice !

    67. troyandrews14

      Why she keep hiding her face?

    68. Allysah Hernandez

      Really listening to this a day before Valentine’s Day 😂😭😭

    69. Lynn So single and happy

      Talent is awesome. Vocals are 🔥

    70. Vinicius Balestero

      Bryson 🔥

    71. Boss Ross

      Her name is H.E.R for reason .....SHE DA' 💩 ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS vocal like soft tongue kisses 💋💋💋💋

    72. Verónica Jinéz

      La verdad que no conocía su música, con razón BTS la mencionó, tiene BUENA música. 👌🏼

    73. Cali Rose

      I looked her up right after her performance on the Grammy’s

    74. Jimmie Wright

      What are u saying

    75. Brunna Ramos

      Perfeitos amo R&B melhor gênero pqp

      1. Fellipe San


    76. BrooklynnDaDivaPresents

      They giving me Marsha Abrosia ft Music SoulChild tease yesss Gawd!!! P.s make that happen please!

    77. Nanda Nunes

      Uauuuuu ! Arrasou ! Que voz!😍

    78. Solange Velazco

      Just one thing... WOW.

    79. Kristi Moore

      In duets I’m always listening for the man’s part

    80. Pierre Bréjoux

      The girl is super talented no?

    81. x sunshine

      I've never seen her eyes !

    82. Paloma Romero rueda

      I saw her after Grammy AND OMG HER MUSIC IS JUST AAAH💖

    83. Samantha Andrews

      This song is for my ex 😝 he deadass missing out. We could of been like this but u decided to do something different 👐🏾 oh well

    84. AfroAngola

      And she is now a 2x Grammy winner. Well deserved recognition

    85. Camilla Oliveira


    86. shalondis

      The 4.4k are not human

    87. Tytanium power


    88. Tavis Vaughn

      Another Sza? 😑

      1. HipHopR&BLover Jon


    89. Randa Ratliff

      Her voice is like silk sheets & I am enamored in them. ♥️ I am so happy she won! ♥️🤗💃🏽

    90. noOoo

      people stop saying your here because of bts and grammy. let's just enjoy this masterpiece.

    91. obsessiveBTSstan JoonISmInEs

      Who else her because BTS said they liked her. @grammys

    92. Naturallyhoneybee1226

      A video that actually goes with the song. I love it .

    93. Anjali Star

      Bro I’m an army too but don’t say u just came here just because BTS presented her at the Grammys I’ve actually known H.E.R. For a while and I know she sounds amazing but it’s just insulting saying that that’s the only reason u know her

    94. Jefferson Alves

      Algum brasileiro ouvindo??? 👌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    95. Dennis •

      Um honestly fell in love

    96. Shakia Thomas

      Who are 4k + ppl who 👎????🤨... whoever yall are....yall are crazy AF! This is FUEGO 🔥😁

    97. 아리사

      2019?? Anyone??

    98. Rodrigo CP

      She's dope. Her style and sound reminds me of Lauryn Hill meets Aaliyah.

    99. Chantell Hanna

      This is grown! How many people can relate?🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

    100. Odira Ononye

      I want this single as a soundtrack on my film