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    1. Discount at the dollar store

      Did you celebrate when you had 69 million subs

    2. Suresh Mani

      I said my friends to subscribe to pewdipie

    3. Error Hatake


    4. HDark 209

      For those who's subscribe Pewdiepie we've got 1 VERY Big Mission..... Create a million account.....lmao then subscribe for Pewd's #BringBackTogetherPewd's

    5. Umbreon animates

      Mr beast made a video where he said pewdiepie a billion fricken times... Thank him

    6. Reality Sucks

      10M in 1 month

    7. Salma Rezk

      *_Comment: Pewds_* *_Like: Pewds_* I Prefer Pewds Though, I Don't Really Know About You.

    8. Dani! :3

      Los subtítulos xD

    9. Tào Lao channel

      T gay plz i need 1 sud

    10. Alexasa 1

      why do you hate denmark ):

    11. Connor Kingston

      I mean just goes to show that when people post about being "non racist or hating indians etc terrorism" but when a white guy ie pewdiepie is about to be the second most subscribed youtuber hackers people all white youtubers band together and for what ? Nothing I can tell so far besides the fact T series is basically an indian based channel. On top of that this advertsising is actually backfiring because they're advertising to pewdiepie haters to subscribe and naturally their response will be oh let's help T series. The fact even logan paul helped just goes to show any christian or white person will be racist if it means they're not at the top or "superior"

    12. Eline Bruins

      Its going to by fine my brother.

    13. Syahrul nizam Hatta

      king i will protect you as 9 yrs old

    14. Jake McGregor Delmonte


    15. Егор Дунайцев

      Привет, пьюди

    16. Logiepokey 12345

      You know what we need we need the Chinese to subscribe to pewDiePie

    17. SourDragon

      I’m actually here from mr. beast

    18. RedDogge

      10 mil in a month

    19. Jarne Pysdon

      Mr beast is Gandalf You shall not pass t series 😂😂😂

    20. Mikael Överfjord

      Notice my "Ö" in my last name? Means I'm swedish, or i don't think there is another country that uses that letter.

      1. Beskt


      2. SourDragon

        Mikael Överfjord how does this relate to the video-no hate I have a Swedish pen pal, but why

    21. superjimy ct

      so fckin close

    22. Mikael Överfjord

      Heja Sverige! Sweden heck yeah!

    23. Darklight Yt

      10 mil within 2-3 months? *never done be4*

    24. Aron Johansson

      10mil subs later

    25. Ksksks Ksksk


    26. Lucas Tigelaar

      Here after 76 million subs

    27. melandwade1

      Let’s get 1 Billion now!

    28. Atharva C

      kiti bore karto ha!!

    29. Kumar gourab sethi

      Bro Please beg for subscription 🤣🤣🤣

    30. gg jonne

      If you not are family friendly i delete subscribe

    31. UnluckyGuy 48

      And MrBeast!

    32. Miguel victor Policarpio

      t sireis booo👎👎👎👎

    33. harshita bheema

      yallll im indian and this pubes is offending me

    34. Гаврил Кунин

      Бич лазанья

    35. Johanthony Ramirez Duran

      Que pedo con los subtítulos

    36. science, tech And information

      Love u bro

    37. Gamer Rob

      Just joined the war

    38. kawaii desu

      Poor guy You want to hug ?

    39. Unicorn time

      Pewdiepie dein intro ist deutsch und du sprichst englisch 😂logisch??

    40. 06Aðalsteinn Aðalsteinsson

      all hail pwedeipei

      1. 06Aðalsteinn Aðalsteinsson

        Ups pewdiepei

    41. ahmed dragon

      Im ahmed in the Iraq Ilove you man

    42. ahmed dragon

      Thank you men

    43. Amazing Gamer


    44. Danny 2010


    45. Erik J.onczy


    46. Idriz Bytyqi

      Im with mr beast i will defend you filex i will with all my life

    47. Kumar Hari 123


    48. захар шулик


    49. meme niggerlol

      Don't worry my son we will help u. :-D

    50. DD Stick comics

      Yoss never serrender