i need your help... LWIAY - #0053



8 253 835 Ditonton15 910

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    1. Snsnekmr Sjamemsnnw

      I did my part I subbed And told my friends too sub 😂👍🏻

    2. Felicia Bates

      Pewds is the best youtuber in the world 🌎

    3. Sally Siri

      guys I have an idea post to sub to pewdiepie on all social media’s you can and our king will bless u

    4. Dj Lama boy

      MrBeast and i will always make the king of ID-news

    5. Daria Greer

      Mr beast

    6. Daria Greer

      Please help pewdiepie not t series

    7. Patricia Besinio

      Go pewdiepie you will win against t series

    8. I am letsgotoarbys


    9. Teslax112

      I’m still alive god dammit

    10. EnchantedSoul247

      *pewdiepie has joined the game* *t series has joined the game* *mr beast has joined the game* *Jack and Mark has joined the game* *9 year olds have boosted their power* *t series has left the game*

    11. cutiecupcake Lps

      defend the king

    12. Dion Van Leent

      Say no to T🥺🥺🥺🥺

    13. TheGrassyBlaziken

      Who else got a pewdiepie game ad lol its called pewdiepie tuber simulator on app store

    14. KAJAL


    15. The real T.V

      So sorry pewdiepie you are losing

    16. NYC GAMING



      The old pewdiepie never knew that he’d reach 85 mil 😂

    18. amazing song

      Are u mad

    19. nutzoid guy

      Pewdiepie will awlways be number one bois! Don't you ever doubt that...

    20. Jovananthonygunawan Jovananthonygunawan

      T series won? OMG like what fuck how Indian can do that . Hey we can't speak Indian and how Indian channel could beat piewdiepie

    21. Owen Schave

      I subbed because mrbeast

    22. Jonathan Wang


    23. Lizeth Chavez

      Everyone subscribe now

    24. arianne asuncion

      You need to win please i watched you from sins 9 yrs from now...please win senpai

    25. Grapes Factory

      Benchod hai tu

    26. Marvin Arnold

      We are your Knights who defend you

    27. Super Gamer Zack

      Mr Beast is pewdiepies royal guard


      How old is PewDiePie

    29. Rishav Vats


    30. impulsive gamer

      End is near😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

    31. Micah Plays

      We will defend you


      I will join you in your army I will call the L-series!!!!!!!!!! There cheating

    33. Subhadeep Ganguly

      Vikh mang sale

    34. alyssa Aldrich

      Yayyyyyy you are back thanks Mr beast

    35. TECH ZONE


    36. Vrehn Consulta

      Me too i will deffend are king

    37. SalmanHan 570

      For mr beast



    39. Aria G

      Mummy is being mean to me saying my stomach is full

    40. Gilbert Yumol

      I am a comment

    41. Wolf gang Pep

      Sub to pew die pie

    42. JHON VLOG'S

      Pewds u need a friend to be a highest youtuber and to be still number one

    43. project Silva

      We all need to make a second account so we can make Pewdiepie great again

    44. Victor Collins

      You are my king

    45. Victor Collins

      You will win I will do what I can

    46. jan plays


    47. A random youtube account

      *T-Series has left the chat*

    48. saksham shrivastava

      I will subscribe to T- series *BUT AM I GONNA*

    49. Steli Stelian

      Pewds if t series is an indian channel then ur still the number one swedish channel XD

    50. Endy

      T-series: We have an army Pewdiepie: We have a Mr Beast

    51. Mini Min

      The og comment is down, like rly down and I will be down soon. Anyways... Someone, Anyone! If you are rly rly rly rly rich don't waste money, here is ur plan if u wanna use ur money 1. Email T series 2. Ask to buy T series for ALOT of money 3. go log in 2 the T series YT acc 4. Press "delete" 5. Contact Pewdiepie somehow 6. Tell him the news 7. Get a shoutout in his vid 8. Explain 2 your parents why you spent money on something you deleted 9. Get grounded 10. Get ungrounded

    52. TechnoAssasin

      where is the other 7 billion people at earth at????

    53. EpicCheezy Gamer

      ~Long Live King Pewds~

    54. Aly. xox

      England help us

    55. Cathy Buckley

      Jake Paul thinks he owns you by saing 5 mil in 6 months but puidiepie is 7 mil in 1monnth never done before

    56. Mario has 10k subs

      Da super bowl one got u way up

    57. Alexia Mitrotasios

      Me beast we need you

    58. Westbrook Fan

      We must serve our king

    59. Travis 12

      T series is not Tesla!!!! Tesla is the official car of the meme community and T series is bad

    60. little amy

      I don't like pewdiepie but I suscribed just because I like Mr beast

    61. Oliver- Chan

      PewDiePie I Love You 😘😘😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

    62. g Lillo

      Pewdiepie search pew-series so you know that you and t-series made a baby😂😂

    63. Bryan blueberry 235

      One day it will be pewdiepie vs mrbeast

    64. todroki yesplease


    65. todroki yesplease


    66. sagar jalalpuria

      ਝਠ ਠਡਨ ਡਡਪ।ਢਡਪ ਝਦ ਟਡਢ ਜਸਜਨ ਬਹੁਤ ਸਾਰੀਆਂ ਗੱਲਾਂ ਕਰਨ ਲਈ

    67. Regnbue Donut!

      I clicked cause of the cuteass thumbnail

    68. Alessandro Colla

      All hail king pew

    69. Jen B

      Protect PewDiePie. Help MrBeast

    70. Skylpsøfficial Spirit aesthetics

      You sound dumb in 2x speed

    71. Rizwaan Ali


    72. Pika H

      You can run but you can't hide. Ha ha ha ha. Shameless, asking for help from others to get subscribes.

    73. ArianStorm

      *Wears headphones but doesn't watch any videos through the whole video*

    74. Borahae

      is it just me.. or does pewds and bijuu kinda sound similar somethimes...? Just me? Okay o.o

    75. wolfy 101

      T-series is stupid I checked one video and I honestly have no clue why it's even popular they probably buying subs XD

    76. シTealProductions

      *_-TEALPRODUCTIONS IS HERE-_* The tealsies support you ❤️

    77. Dustin Weisman

      Hi pew I believe that t-seris payed you to lose sups

    78. Bryan Gonzalez




    80. iloveheights

      You're a youtuber, T is a company. There's a difference.

    81. Aatreyee Bhattacharya

      I’m not subscribed to him.... :/

      1. Tekashi 69696969

        subscribe now or i will go REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    82. ojam456


    83. Adhya Shrivastava

      2 months later , HE HAS 83 MILLION BABYY

    84. Jinesh shah

      T series will kill you...

      1. Tekashi 69696969

        no t series can't

    85. Bossatron is the BEST

      Mr Beast is the true hero we need

    86. Zachary Onorato

      "a few more days" -felix, three months ago

    87. Oleaxs ·

      If pewdiepie married T-series

    88. Spud Murphy


    89. Aslonz

      5:30 Pretty neat watching this now

    90. Javina Damparo

      Go 9year old army!!!

    91. Javina Damparo

      We will defend our king to the end

    92. Affan Scirocco

      I feel like hacking T Series account, and then delete the channel

    93. Jthesquid625 Gamestuff


    94. Treco 0107

      I just watched two ads for 30 seconds... you’re welcome Felix, we will avenge you!

    95. xXRainDropXx *

      The god has spoken again We shall support our god

    96. Umit D21

      F in chat


      Good luck pewdiepie

    98. High.sk1

      Watch my intro

    99. High.sk1

      Subs ribe to me and likw my vods