Let's Acrylic Pour



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    1. Gianna Shaw

      How does Julian succeed in almost every activity they do with no skills needed while Jenna is trying her GODDAMN HARDEST AND SHE STILL SCREWS WHATEVER SHE DOES SOMETIMES UP.......LIKE WUT?!!? (I think she did amazing on this tho, and being a inspirational,nice, anxious, BOOTIFUL person!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    2. Lucy W

      the guys in the dorm next store thought when I was watching this I was having sex

    3. Tara Battersby

      Kermit in the background is everything 😆

    4. Suburban Mom Sally

      What a supportive and good couple. They’re so nice and supportive of each other but also best friends so they make fun of each other. Couple goals!!!!!!!

    5. Yili Feng

      "use all the tools at your disposal. that's what the fisherman with a gun said."

    6. furious madnes

      look at kermit at 0:47

    7. Kaily Rose

      “I’ve arranged them all in rainbow order, or else we can’t do it.” Oh Jenna, you really are a Virgo Same

    8. The Trippy Gypsy

      Lmao Kermit rolling around on the carpet in the beginning of the video 😂

    9. Jordayn Schoonover

      Jenna- “Julian what are you doing” James Charles-unleashing his inner artist obv

    10. Niah J .

      God Bless 🙏🏾💖

    11. Elizabeth Connors

      we love a supportive relationship

    12. Rebekah Riggs

      As an art teacher, there are no rules in art!!!! Julien you’re doing great!!!!

    13. 1007pierre

      Jenna could just fart and I still would be entertained

    14. Trish Tran

      i could forecast the weather using julien's acrylic pour

    15. unicorn fartcakestv

      >_< WHY 1:17 look at his right hand

    16. Grayson Aka Sarah

      My greek mythology living ass thought she said Ares not Aries

    17. Sarah Ricci

      Please turn yourself into Dr. Phil

    18. Sofie Nielsen

      I just noticed the nasty boi in the background

      1. Fricking Bork

        He nasty

    19. Ethan Doughty

      i feel like painting is s cool off for julien

    20. Skyler Knapp

      if u were watching this with your eyes closed it would sound like a weird porno

    21. Briana Lamb

      You guys didn't put pouring medium on the boards and its killing me lmao

    22. Brooklynn Nolan

      Kermit 0:41 in the background!😂😂😂

    23. Marz Heck yee

      Kermit in the background from 0:28 - 0:53😂😂😂 Edit: just read some more comments and realized there are many of these Kermit seeing people

    24. Adriana B

      I wanna do this with you so bad. It looks so fun

    25. Emma Gordon

      That casual whip from Julien at the start

    26. Cate Gandolfi

      Is there some Irish Spring left on the carpet? (Kermit at 0:49)

    27. Cole Farina

      Look at the background at 0:21 lol

    28. Sarah Aqleh

      lol look at the right side of the screen at 0:41 XD KERMITTTTTTTT

    29. naked cat

      i would actually hang up hellscape in my house wow

    30. April_10th_1998

      0:27 wtf is miss weach(?) doing in the background?😂😂😂 Also, you're supposed to put a coat of white down first so when you start tilting it it just slides around without mixing or rolling.

    31. Nathan Tate

      “It got literally everywhere including Kermit.” Kermit is everything, Kermit is EVERYWHERE...

    32. sophie

      i love falling alseep to these 🤠

    33. sophie

      70% of the comments: "DiD u SEe kErMit iN thE begInniNg of THE viDeo at 00:42 😂😂" 10% of the comments: " i love how they compliment eachother" 20% of the comments: "jUlIEn bEing an aRies for 14 minuteS StrAight"

    34. Naomi :U

      lmao julien's look like a fuken crime scene

    35. Jessica Sarah

      Did someone rub Irish Spring soap on the rug in the living room? Kermit at 0:42

    36. babyvagabond

      can y’all make & sell prints of hellscape?

    37. lee girl

      I use a hair blow dryer to manipulate the paint, and I don’t mix it with paint thinner. But that way is usually for people who know the consistency and what it’s gonna do.

    38. Deardoilydudette

      Can confirm that’s how Aries’ do art 😅

    39. andrea serra

      U guys should try pottery !!!

    40. Armenta Jackson

      Who else wasn't paying attention to Jenna cause you were distracted by the cutest doggo roll eVeR!!!😍

    41. Funky Monks

      Acrylic pouring is stressing me out

    42. Kayosaur

      love cermet in the background

    43. Wolf On The Loose

      I wonder if doing this with a more concentrated watercolor paint would work or if it would destroy the paper...

    44. Haylee Ryan

      Jenna's dirty pour looks like a topographical map of a hurricane in temperature vision. I'm here for it

    45. Suza Lois

      You guys did really good and had fun! But also, Jenna, I feel the same way eveytime I make a painting "I HATE IT" I feel that fr

    46. Mikayla Craghead

      ah kermit in the background hahah we love a nasty boy

    47. chloey michelle

      is anyone else enjoying Kermit in the background?

    48. Lilianna Das

      Kermit at 00:42 😂😂😂

    49. My Boredom

      Kermit playing on the rug was the best part of this video. Jk love you guys!!

    50. BANGTANG Boi

      LMAO look at kermit in the background

    51. Cristina

      I need someone as supportive as jenna

    52. Sharon Carver

      Girl I got you on a being a 32 year old lady!! 💪 We old but we young too!! 😆😂

    53. Paint N Sound

      Watching pour painting is like watching ocean water demolish a sand castle... The sand is still there, ready to be recycled, but the image is lost. Got it?

    54. Krystealite UwU


    55. 9th Doctor, The Cheese God of Cyrodil

      Drink Wine; Acrylic Pour

    56. iNeedMyCoffeeBro

      Please please please do these more often! I feel like you could be so amazing at pouring. I would love to see you paint more.

    57. x_vault 239_x

      My god look at Cermet in the background at 0:39

    58. Fiona Wolfnest

      Look at Cermit in the background at 0:39 XDDDDD

    59. Wade Leon

      When she said I hate it I thought she was gonna cry and I almost cried

    60. Wade Leon

      You can put faces of the globs

    61. Wade Leon

      Julian us being so speedy sonic fast bro

    62. gabrielle bock

      Why did jennas always look like she was frying an egg

    63. Gabriella Dziorny

      Kermit in the back

    64. Lilly Nattrass

      at 12:51 jenna truly understands what it’s like to be an artist

    65. Alaia Hankey

      0:42 extra Brownie Points to whoever noticed the Iggy in the background

    66. BG Joje

      Water marble

    67. Judith Antoinette

      Has anyone seen cermit spin on the carpet in the background in the beginning of the video

    68. Devan Lassiter

      0:40 Look at Kermit in the background

    69. Cat !

      *dont make an aeries mess* I’m DYING

    70. ILikeCuteCats AndICannotLie

      4:21 _cristine trembles with fear_

    71. Ruan Lima

      I'm so attracted to Julian that it might kill me

    72. Taryn Murray

      Cermet in the background.😂

    73. Yashas Athreya

      Kermit in the background is just going crazy over the carpets Also anybody in 2019?

    74. emma sawyers

      Omg look at kermit in the background at the beginning

    75. PurfectPrincessGirl

      Freakin' Kerm rolling around on the carpet in the beginning tho XD

    76. Victoria Garrett

      what the fuck does the message at 10:12 even say

    77. BowDown2Jezebella

      I'm an Aries myself and honestly, Julien and I are the exact OPPOSITE 😂 Watching him gave me anxiety and I really just wanted to knock the paint out his hand so he'd stop! I think Ima broken Aries lol ♈

    78. Hannah Weston

      Most people: falls asleep to Bob Ross me: falls asleep to this

    79. Alex Immortal

      In the beginning, was anyone else just watching Kermit spaz on the floor?

    80. 🌹caitlin🌹

      1:07 holy shit jenna's wearing jeans


      Kermit in the background lol

    82. Figuring It Out

      I'm such a narcissistic ass because I can tell you for sure that if I did that I'd be like "mines awesome and everyone else's sucks" because I suck 😂

    83. Ruthie Bleu

      kermit in the backeground 50 seconds in

    84. jacobby711

      Julien is so random. He acts just like my bf. And my responses to them are just like Jenna’s. This is a representation of my life.

    85. Destinyrose Ayala

      "it's not a dirty pour it's a DESTINY POUR!" love that lmao

    86. Emma Stepanik

      As a Taurus who has only ever dated Scorpios in the past, this made me want to date an Aries.....

    87. Ultra Pam

      I loved your Bob Ross painting. It turned out nice! Agree on the oils as they are not ideal in pet-friendly homes unless you have your own dedicated studio or can afford those fast drying oils.

    88. Alyssa Brotherton

      Jenna’s dirty pour looks like the news when they’re predicting the weather 😂😂😂😂

    89. Miranda The Burrito

      I loved watching Kermit in the background

    90. Kate B

      0:42 Kermit being an idiot in the background

    91. Haruto Baransu

      Can Julien acrylic pour my fucking album cover

    92. Raquel Snow

      Her first acrylic painting looks like a weather forecast. Really cool .

    93. Georgia Wheaton

      Julien for real should be an artist

    94. bell bella

      He has Josh Dun hair

    95. KillDeer

      I like them

    96. Abby Lowe

      Favorite part is when Julien says “I call this Hellscape”. That’s exactly what it looks like. Hell.

    97. Josie Nichols

      Did you put Irish spring in the floor to keep Kermit occupied?

    98. Hixtape Lover

      I love that they both hate theirs but I actually think all of the pieces turned out amazing!!

    99. Maria Ponce

      julien reminds me of nick from New Girl

    100. Jimmy Novak

      Just Kermit in the background being nasty