Let's Acrylic Pour



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    1. Ash Kay

      Also Kermit in the background at 0:44

    2. Cecilia Occhigrosso

      Did anyone see cermet in the background in 0:45

    3. Tina Jackson

      Jenna - I want your dirty pour painting...it would look amazing in my foyer! 😍You definitely didn't ruin it! I'm not joking, from a 46-year-old lady to a 32-year-old lady...I love it. I'll even buy it off of you and give you a picture of it hanging in my foyer if that would help.

    4. Julia Brownie

      You just made my entire week

    5. Slurp Derp

      Rip Kermit

    6. Kaitlyn Foxo

      Kermit in the back round

    7. Michelle Nathalie

      I feel for Jenna with all the virgo feels 😂

    8. Symantha Gipson

      I’ve done this before with my Aunt

    9. Jimena Sorich

      Jenna and Julien should do a Sponge Art video! Like the one with the sponge art rainbow lady

    10. dangerous soup

      You guys are the Allen Ginsberg and Lucien Carr of Acrylic pour. Fuckin New Vision.

    11. Timø Cøetzee

      6:31 Jenna's painting looks like a bird

    12. Nancy Serrano

      Lol he’s so messy, he’s driving me insane

    13. Harmony Moore

      Ooooh but I LOVE Hellscape

    14. Harmony Moore

      My ocd Virgo self got so upset when he ruined that masterpiece by writing his name on it 😭

    15. Roswell Rainwater

      Hellscape looks like a beach with red sand :)

    16. lee ann

      00:41 kermit in the background omg

    17. PeachieParis101

      honestly, am i the only one thats casually waiting for her to post a pottery vid? that shit would be so funny.

    18. Kim B

      (Not going through 20,000+ comments to see if it was already said) The circles they made at the beginning so made me think of Cristine (and Beeehhhnnn and Jenn (hee hee)) trying water-marbling.

    19. natty_cakes

      When I heard her say "pour" the first time, I heard "porn".

    20. Ellie Jo

      I didn’t know I needed this but I needed this

    21. Aby suarez


    22. Allana Heath

      friken kermit in the background was making me laugh way too hard.

    23. Melted Chocolate

      0:05 “Mmhaaaaa..thank yu...”

    24. Alexis :p

      What’s up with Kermit back there at 0:40 lmao

    25. Myriam Nichols


    26. Sheena Stilligan

      Who saw hermit in the background in the beginning?❤😂❤😂❤😂

    27. Kaitlyn Dillon

      Your hair is magical.

    28. Sundrop 57

      Kermit in the background at 40 seconds

    29. Diane Wayman

      I love how you both encouraged each other the whole time ❤️

    30. Kenna Striano

      I swear you keep saying acrylic porn.

    31. Abi Scarlett

      0:44 look in the background on the floor Kermet is rolling around on the carpet 😂😂

    32. party61104 aj

      0:39 Kermit in the background 😂😂

    33. Delilah Stewart

      #stopstartingchallenges #nerdecrafter

    34. Louise M

      PEACH IN THE BACKGROUND. Thats all I have to say.

    35. ooof ooof

      you guys are great

    36. Collin Chandler

      im sightseeing, vids like this and bob ross tutorial will lift a channel up

    37. PrincessGoyaa

      Jenna's first painting reminds me of a burning Phoenix it's so dope 😍😍

    38. Analisa Compton


    39. Lola and her kittens


    40. Ellie Brown

      kermit’s a thic sister😂

    41. Amethyst frost

      0:44 Watch cermit in the back ground

    42. FluffyAquatic Drago

      0:42 omg Kermit 😂😭

    43. M&m 333

      0:43 😂😂😂

    44. Sofía Ramírez

      try to not get distracted with Kermit challenge

    45. Majestic Uni1

      Ok, how much is Julian’s painting? I would fuckin’ buy it. 😂

    46. Beth in Wanderlust

      Kermit is my spirit animal 😂❤️

    47. Darren Chan

      I have just realized they use iMovie

    48. Arlene Nieves

      “ accidentally”

    49. Ruby Lykins

      Kermet in the back ground 0:59 lol!!

    50. janelylm

      Her videos are just starting to tell that she is bored and has a lot of money on her hands.