Making My Dogs Homemade Dog Treats



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    Here's the recipes I used in order:
    Frozen Blueberry Coconut Oil Dog Treats -
    No Bake Coconut Hypoallergenic Dog Treats -
    Peanut Butter Banana Flax Dog Biscuits -
    There's lots more that looked really fun as well, I've tried making my dogs meals before in our crock pot which they enjoyed for like 3 days and then were over it WHICH IS SUPER COOL THANKS GUYS, but aside from that I've never actually attempted to make little treats for them and this was incredibly easy fun and worth it to do. If you have these ingredients lying around like oats peanut butter banana coconut oil etc. there's just a lot of easy things you can make that dogs really enjoy so now I feel stupid that I was today years old when I first tried. Hope you enjoy or get inspired to make some stuff for your dog or pet or whatever. Homemade treats are fun and made with love I'm gonna go cry now wow.

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    1. Spidermonkey054

      Don’t do anything Aries with that. Oh. Too late

    2. LPO

      2:56,,,,,,,,,, Kermit taking in his newly coloured surroundings like “HELL YEAAAA”!😂

    3. Jess Beamer

      Marble is alive😱

    4. nightshad1e3 roblox

      Marbls is smaller than the plate

    5. HaleighQuinn4227

      I want a chihuahua like Marble so bad 😭

    6. Gustavo Sanchez

      Sow cut.

      1. Gustavo Sanchez

        It is sow cut right.

    7. Ben Joseph

      When jenna said marbles name all the dogs ears twitched and kermit and peach looked at marble 0:27

    8. Tohofan122

      Do these treats help your an cermet grow?

    9. Victoria Ang

      13:02 - she finally did it. Hahaha

    10. Julia Lahey

      I love marble so much, he makes my heart so warm

    11. macie perez

      I made both of the ones with peanut butter, and the ones you had to bake I couldn’t put into shapes so I had to just squish it together with my hands and it looked like ACTUALLY pieces of shit 😂😂😂

    12. Claire Luna

      It ain't ridiculous to make the treats instead of buying packaged ones. This way you know they're not processed af with tons of sugar that makes them hyper and fuck knows what additives in 'em Maybe some in PB but hopefully not much.. I'm not American so this could be naive of me to

      1. Claire Luna

        Marble probly health conscious for his age, even he nibblin away omfg🤭 😌

    13. Gabrielle Erickson

      Kermit looked like a sad old lady when he sat in marble's bed

    14. feeling irie

      Penis Marbles 🤭😂😂🤣🤣😅

    15. Teenage Money Maker

      13:01 damn she called it

    16. Kate Toonlonk03

      Should’ve added some protein

    17. Niah J .

      God Bless you & your family & everyone & everyone family , have an Blessed one everyone, may God protect over you all Amen 🙏🏾💓💝💜💞💚💖💛💗

    18. Rachel Star

      So cute her dogs just have the sweetest personalities. I genuinely love them so much and the way Jenna treats them is so beautiful these videos really make my day. ❤


      I like how spending time with your dogs to you means dressing them up and forcing them to sit down while you mess with food in front of them.

    20. Never ending dreams

      I used to have a little mixed breed Chihuahua that sadly left me this past September. Watching you interact with your dogs, especially Marbles reminds me of my baby girl; I've only been watching your videos for a few days and already I love them as much as I loved my precious pup. Thank you for taking such good care of your doggies. 💜

    21. Walking Tacos

      And then she went on and made a video about cement crying

    22. Brooke Berry

      3:46 "relatively eas-CERMIT"

    23. Macinac T

      “Someday I’m gonna mic you up and film you crying for an entire day” ...whelp you done did it

    24. LoveandWar

      Dogs shouldn’t have blueberries! They could get really hurt!


      Can we bring up the fact that she turned herself into a chair. For no reason. One word ME

    26. Blake Holler

      talented kirmit twirl

    27. Eve Lawrie

      Jenna: Marble! This is boiling hot oil! Do you know what that means? Me: Marbles doesn’t even understand the fact he has a name

    28. Eve Lawrie


    29. Sebastien Cross

      jenna: marble this is boiling hot oil, do u understand what that means ? marble: 👁👄👁

    30. Ailee Kat

      Low key fangirled when she said she watched Rachel and Jun. I love them and their cats!

    31. Clare Bass

      Your hilarious/mental, so funny. 🤣🤩😎❣️

    32. Em Cee

      Omg I love it how she knows Jun from JunsKitchen 😂💕

    33. Emily Glenn

      *just wait until they have human children*

    34. - dreamyystar

      13:00 and so she did

    35. Thecla Shubert

      Mandatory marbles appreciation comment. #marblesapproved.

    36. Seananigans

      Yum! I too like these...

    37. Um pinkhi

      Omg please do a part two I loveee this video!

    38. Gacha Roblox

      7:04 the way marbles walked 💀

    39. Rylee The lion

      Chill Jenna chill!

    40. Cievil Lev

      Challenge: try to decipher what Jenna said at 7:11

      1. Liath Ramirez

        Snooze ya loose marble lol

    41. Ruby And Radd

      'Awaaaaww miss weach likes it' Peach likes EVERYTHING

    42. LoolooArts

      yOu MaKe My HeArT sO hApPy

    43. Maria Velez Jasso

      marbles is my constant mood

    44. Akira Thames

      Kermit just lets anything happen to him

    45. Akira Thames

      She is the one of the best dog moms 🤧

    46. Jillian S

      In 2019: mikes Kermit up for a whole day

    47. E

      I love how she treats and talks to them like they're human children

    48. Kid Dynamo

      YAS JUN

    49. Percyiro No

      4:00 Kerment: nobody loves me, THEY DONT EVEN CARE

    50. Episca

      i just want a dog watching your videos lol

    51. Bitcoin

      Why are u so beautifull

    52. Alyssa Martinez

      I laugh so hard, I’m crying. 😂😂😂 This is the most accurate description of me and my cats, this is me self doubting, and it’s just great lol

    53. Alison Joy

      are your dogs also vegan?

    54. Basic Beth ASMR

      7:04 aww the way he walks

    55. Elizabrary

      You guys need kids 😂😂 haha

    56. Basic Beth ASMR

      If there was an award for the best and caring dog owner Jenna would get it !

    57. Elizabeth Vashro

      Jenna: want a half a banana Jenna: don't do anything aires with it Julien: shoves it all in is mouth Jenna: oh no it's too late

    58. tetes muh cheches

      Is everyone gonna ignore that precious part where marbles does a little trot 7:03

    59. Romani i

      I’m rewatching the videos with your dogs aaaaaaand... I don’t wanna lose marbles

    60. Brianne Mcguire

      you should make this a series and do a different recipe or two each time!!!

    61. Daniel Brophy

      1:11 the best moment of Jenna and the dogs 😂😂

    62. Socially Awkward

      13:04 *SHE DID THE THING*

    63. George Adamo

      Random...I'm a long time subscriber but never felt the need to bother you. I just love your content. I am sitting here watching, like I do every week, and I just noticed for the first time, people "disliking" your videos. I looked at a bunch of others and it's insane. Do they want to hate f*ck you? I'm literally dumbfounded that there is a community on ID-news who just "trolls it up" in response to ANYTHING you say. They watch your videos , 99% of the time TO just add to the thumbs down count. Are these people hate stalking you? There are 10,000 dislikes on your Kermit crying video. I guess I'm naive. I honestly am dumbfounded that TEN THOUSAND people watched just to leave hate. That number just shocked me because ( I'm stoned, btw) I imagined a sports arena with 10k physical people in it, all of people who merely wanted to see you perform just TO say how bad the experience was. These people watched your content yet had the balls to click that dislike button, regardless of what you post. I'm so disillusioned by YT lately. I make nothing on my channel lately. The trolls are out in fuller force. I just had to ask you/comment. The social media community is SO cruel. I could never comment or dislike a video of anything if I wasn't already a ID-news partner and creator with my REAL name attached to my PERSONAL contact information. These people with no content...or even a link to their social medias are so vile, sick, are pathetic I know when I'm commenting that my name and face will be associated with it, regardless of what it is. They are still the faceless cowards...still hitting hard in 2019. Anyway, I could watch you all day. :) I have watched you all day. You have a lot of content!

    64. Brittany Bilson

      *cries in sensitive* I felt that.

    65. angelena mcgregor

      *kermit is choking* 😐

    66. Parakeet Paradise

      4:23. “He looks like a gargoyle.”

    67. Gina Napravnick

      Kermit is going to be a model

    68. Steve Carras

      Step on a cat 🐱 then grind it up

    69. Pastry

      You should dress them up in anime clothes.

    70. Vanndet Va

      Junskitchen❤️❤️❤️ahh love his channel

    71. Tahlia Schroeter

      Marble entering dangerous situations just for a hug is sadly relatable to me making poor choices for affectoon

    72. Jung-Hao Liang

      13:01 someday happened !

    73. Jackie Rae

      "Some day I'm gonna mic you up and make a montage of you crying all day"

    74. Alana :3

      I can't wait to get another dog. Im going to treat them like this

    75. Gacha Life!!!!!

      Doggie master chef

    76. Hulu Juju

      omg rachel and jun! you know them too!

    77. LaryCamargo

      11:17 Jenna was cermeting

    78. love crusaders 101

      1:07 me when someone says the food is ready

    79. Rachel Dame

      Peach cries: “Oh, Peachie’s very excited!” Cermit cries: *“WhY arE YoU cRYiNg?!”*

    80. Даня Таргарян


    81. Nicole Damn She Haught

      there was a dog treat ad before this video-

    82. Caleb Gadow Gaming

      Jenna most of this video: I do everything in this household Jenna at the end: I do everything in this household and I’m glad you appreciate it ❤️

    83. yaya

      o my god they would b such cute parents

    84. yaya

      oof. when u dirty a dish that didn’t need to be dirtied.

    85. Madison J

      is marbles a boy or a girl cuz she calls him she and he😂

    86. Derpy Candy

      2:16 i thought she was going to say soap LMAO

    87. Psychadelusional

      I love LOVE how Jenna talks to her dogs as if they 100% understand English and can reply to her. 100% Virgo, me and Jenna are one

    88. Areli Prado

      The fact she said Jun’s kitchen like yes 😤 jun and Rachel shall rule one day

    89. Marilynn_18

      If I were to make videos this would be exactly it lol I love my dogs 💕🐶🐶

    90. Connor Gurule

      I feel guilty! Why? I've never done this! You're doing it now! I feel bad But marbles is like 10!!

    91. Andora Leigh


    92. anzelina


    93. Cole James

      Marbles will always be my favorite since he's never fully on this planet

    94. Venus smith

      I don’t know should I say awwwwww these babies are so adorable? Or should I say how ugly you are treating them ... you are emotionally tortured 😖 them ...... just because of stupid video you put them through so much mentally and emotionally ... anyways these poor babies are tolerate you badly ... you made them cry that means that they were going through so much .... anyways karma is there ...

    95. signe the magnifisent

      That intro was too real.

    96. Crater Crickets and Friends!

      I was dying when I saw Kermit with the glasses

    97. Crater Crickets and Friends!

      Kermit, Peach, U don't want ur noses by the siccors.....

    98. Charlotte Martin

      “Would anyone like a pair of sunglasses, maybe a glass of wine?” Me when my pasty ass goes out in the summer and *Reflects The Sun*

    99. Singer_101

      “One day I’m going to mic you up and make a montage of you crying.” Well we all know Jenna doesn’t lie 😂😂😂

    100. Joe Berger

      Marbles ridiculous looking