Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Official Trailer

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    Higher. Further. Faster. Watch the trailer for Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, in theaters March 8, 2019.
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    1. Mariana Hurtado


    2. Sadow The Horhay

      You gonna kill thanos or...

    3. The Gaming Danes

      Ant-man should jump into thanos mouth and make himself bigger imagine 👅🍆

    4. patipan pattarut

      ไทยแลน์ มานั่งแถวตรงนี้

    5. Piyush Pawar

      Now make her lesbian.

    6. Ulquiorra Cifer

      Good trailer, generic music

    7. Neags

      apart from brief smile in the car she has the exact same facial expression throughout the whole trailer

    8. Asif Islam

      Can someone tell me which character is at 1:40

    9. Maverick 21

      "A hero" proceeds to punch an old woman in the face

    10. Goblin Punch


    11. i dont feel so good

      oh thank you

    12. Sung Ra


    13. Patricia Pereira

      #1 trending on Venezuela 👏👏👏👏👏👏

    14. Dija Gabrielle

      You guys..saw her punch the old lady too right

    15. The Owl

      1:30 press F to pay respect

    16. Brad Handsome

      I love captain marvel but where's that i know how to fix everything tease huh?

    17. ridash mad

      * PUNCHES OLD LADY *, i am definitely watching this

    18. SpiderNerd Gaming

      #1 on trending, 16k dislikes, the DC fans are triggered

    19. Noah C. Fisher

      Not a terrible trailer, but I expected more from Marvel. They're typically really good with their trailers and this one is just... Decent.

    20. BB B

      I love how character driven this is. I hate how this character has exactly 1 facial expression so far.

    21. Elne Fasto

      This trailer is boring, Brie Larson "acting skills" doesn't help either.

    22. Aastha Gupta

      _She should go for the head_

    23. Miguel Orlando Cifuentes

      and the new avengers are : HAWKEYE, ANT-MAN AND CAPTIAN MARVEL ;)

    24. Uskhorm

      Press F for thanos everybody 👏🏻👏🏻

    25. space prime

      she is like a superman in woman's body..

    26. Mahima Choudhary


    27. Taurus Wiggins

      A time when heroes become legends.

    28. King of all Goyim

      I am still trying to figure out why Marvel made a movie about a third string superhero nobody likes. Yeah I’ll catch it on Netflix or if the bootleg lady comes through.

    29. Jax Jay

      I love new hero movies from marvel but not gonna lie, im a little too invested in the infinity wars 'everyone died' movie to care about a flashback origin story at the current i know she's important but spidey and tchalla just got yeeted the fck into a soul stone and i kinda need them out now so....

    30. Damián Cámara

      The CGI is not really good, I hope it gets better in the final product

    31. Desmin Cason-Bruner

      Doesn’t seem poorly done just looks like it won’t be interesting

    32. Josue Jimenez

      Who else is going to watch it

    33. Doodlecorn


    34. Elbow Pucket

      This looks pretty good. But I hope Hollywood doesn’t treat it like wonderwoman and only focus on the fact that the lead is a women. Focus on the movie first

    35. Ameya Chansarkar

      The views are stuck!!

    36. Braxous

      So we not gon talk about how she just Ray Rice’d that old lady

    37. Chaos CSGO

      Like if this looks trash

    38. Avindev Ev

      H20 gone....😂😂😂

    39. Shykon

      Got some cringe

    40. Trainer Nick

      Although i think the trailer is good, but i think CM will end up like black panther, its good box office wise but i have a feeling its going to be over hyped like black panther

    41. Joseph Alvarez

      Boy oh boy! I do love cots...

    42. matzmx

      Thanos killa

    43. AndrosForever

      1:30 I feel ya, I react the same way every time

    44. Hris Atf

      I m not ready for this😱

    45. Yakidon Warren

      Aye 1 on trending 6mill views

    46. oviwankenobi

      Cringe level is over 9,000!

    47. Skrr God


    48. Fortunas biggest fan !

      Looks like shit!

    49. stef_ _purple_army

      That fade from 'her' to 'hero' was so simple but really got me up in my feelings

    50. Ananya Pandey

      now you see me 2 background music