Marzia quits YouTube, Voiceover Pete BANNED, WSJ BACK at it again?! 📰 PEW NEWS📰



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    Marzia quits ID-news, Voiceover Pete BANNED, WSJ BACK at it again?!
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    1. Peisen Xu

      Pete missed a huge opportunity on his patreon vid by not saying: to help save my business, all I need are your credit card details...

    2. Kuroashi Gaming

      So... Marzia is going to Twitch too, right?

    3. Alexiz Dominguez

      Geek+Gamers brought me hear. 1. You're really funny, enjoying your videos so far. 2. Your girl is awesome, congrats yall are great together. 3. Why did she delete all her videos though?

    4. MarkieTheHero

      Dude we seriously need to get Felix to 100 million

    5. Dm3qXY

      are these videos'audio optimized for phone speakers?

    6. matthew galer

      Not gonna lie his scandals brought me back to his channel 😂😬

    7. Noon Kelso

      Too bad patreon is bad due to ban of sargon...

    8. Toxic Games

      one of my friends invited me to a chat and there was fornite porn i said wtf also on ps4

    9. Brian Dupuis

      this is the closest I've ever come to willingly donating to a charity, too bad I'm broke. my heart hurts, at least give him the fucking money he had already earned

    10. Arturo Madrigal

      I would love to be a ID-newsr because you can spread your own happiness and creativity in some sort of genre plus that can help other pursue in the dreams and beliefs but it takes an immense amount of work & dedication to be successful and consistent

    11. Daniel Worth

      Pewds.....please don't stop. I know you'll have to stop one day, but I've been with you from your EARLY amnesia days when you had like 2 thousand subs and I'll die please don't

    12. VT Watchdog

      Change change change change. Preeeeeeenup.

    13. Ninjas celzoplayz

      Did they broke up?

    14. Nicole Bruce Art

      Is the glitching on the fake tv so that it doesn't get copystriked? (honestly curious, I have a channel and I'm learning what I'm allowed to put in my videos still haha)

    15. THE RagingCookie 43

      This comment section is full of good youtubers. Your official News channel for ID-newsrs and Users. *insert music here* Pew News

    16. Ethan Clark

      Pls don’t leave ussss

    17. Killer Keemstar

      pete is the all time best in voice overs

    18. Killer Keemstar

      love peeeeetee

    19. Cytus X

      Wait wait wait.. ID-news takes 30% of the money donated?! 1) Why do they get that much? and 2) Where EXACTLY is that going?

    20. Vadim Koshtey

      Clearly their sense of humor is specific.. but I dig that!! 😀

    21. Jakvai

      What is the hell fiver by the way?

    22. Paintbucket

      _T-Siries has blocked you_

    23. Hanif Muhammad

      What happen to MGM?

    24. YeetMan

      8 Months of chemo for a child, or politics? hmmmmmmmm

    25. iiKaiWolf

      Pew News but i heard "Pewnis"

    26. deez nutz

      Bush did 9-11

    27. paid2rage

      ID-news is trying to turn into Nice Try Tube...but you're Too Late

    28. FuckYouGoogle

      Sue them...this is unacceptable business behaviour

    29. mas-sob ate-err!!!

      Wouldn't pew's news make more sense

    30. lamebubblesflysohigh

      The next great meme war is upon us. NPCs cant meme so they want to take memes from us

    31. RedHairedRiot

      You know I've been a subscriber to Pewdiepie for a long time when I remember like a 50-min video pewds made unedited about how he and Marzia met and their story like bro ive been here since you had 200k subs. Wild.

    32. skippy skipmcgee

      Voiceover pete's son dying at 6:05

    33. D R

      What is wrong with being proud of being white ? Are we supposed to cower in the corner and beg for forgiveness?

    34. Tea Kettle

      Lmao what if voiceover Pete voiced master chief

    35. Dimwit Darrel

      Keep making amazing videos PewDiePie!

    36. Billy Bimkins

      You should be able to say what you want regardless of whether or not its offensive. Most of the time its said in jest, or as a joke, such as with racist jokes. And the rest of the time its people saying things that shouldn't be offensive, but have become offensive to the ultra sensitive.

    37. Joe Stacks

      it would be like if a horrible racist, homophobic person created a cure for cancer and everyone said they don't want it because of the views of the person that created it.

    38. Purple Kunai

      Jokes aside. I think “Gamers” are one of the most oppressed groups on the internet, surprisingly. Except, like, furries, but no one cares about them.

    39. Stardust Cycle

      When your husband is the #1 fucking subscribed it doesn't matter if she quits youtube or not cause her lifestyle won't change.

    40. IDK Studios

      I have the same shert but the blue on it is yellow

    41. Kaleb Luttrell

      I feel like Pewdiepie was hinting about his desire to quit ID-news without having a reason at the end

    42. Tritanis

      i assumed marzia wanted to go to university or something along that route

    43. Jay TheHulk Moeller

      It's not just a fight for you to be #1, it's a fight for us, the people of the world to be #1. Its a chance for us to stick it to the man. Dont be a shill, subscribe to pewds, and unsubscribe to t series. Dont let the beast win!

    44. scrum

      *BACK* at it again with the real news

    45. Aaron Unknown

      Consider becoming.. A person 🤣🤣

    46. Ramón Velásquez

      Brooo.. Voiceover Pete is a legend, come on!

    47. Dan Raw


    48. Tomáš Prachenský

      Why the hell do I have the title translated to my language? How do I turn it off?

    49. Bucketlicious

      7:42 doo doo

    50. Frantiu Andrei

      I absolutely love the cheek pop