Marzia quits YouTube, Voiceover Pete BANNED, WSJ BACK at it again?! 📰 PEW NEWS📰



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    Marzia quits ID-news, Voiceover Pete BANNED, WSJ BACK at it again?!
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    1. Nikhil Dutta

      In case you didn’t know, Pewdiepie is a Greek god. They just keep it a secret. And mrbeast too. Pewdiepie: lord of all gods Mrbeast:lord of the internet

    2. Benny R. Grau

      the st Jude thing is rough, I love them, but I remember when they skewered Mother Theresa for using mob money to help feed and give treatment to the poor in India calling her a ton of things. Her reply was, if you want the money , ask them to give it back to you... as in the poor. Gary Gigax had his donation from another charity refunded because D&D is evil... =_= damned if ya do why if ya don't! I'm kinda glad I never blew up on here. I rather work with zero recognition, Im glad Marz is doing awesomely.

    3. heck life

      poppy harlows mic is shit bruh wtf is her employer doing

    4. Noemy 690

      Pewdiepie: 13:53 Me: Some people are lazy

    5. Reece McAllen

      Put subtitles on

    6. Gabriele Minelli

      When the pedws camera was actually good

    7. databang

      You're the best Pew!

    8. G. O.D

      Now let's be honest here if you guys haven't subscribed to pewdiepie on 10 other accounts then can you say that you are really doing your part? 😉🤔

    9. The Shovel

      I'm glad Marzia is gone.

    10. Jessica Vincent

      Thanks for the likes guys! Thank you so much. I just need validation so much that I have to point out that everyone likes me! Thank you so much! Edit: thank you so much for the likes!

    11. D a n a

      One question ... Did he and Marzia broke up? It's just that I don't see her in any video anymore

    12. Mint Killer1

      poppy harlow vs gloria borgler.

    13. Supreme Leader Doctor Lollipop

      Sub to pew dislike t poo

    14. Myriah Jasmine

      *Says it in a low creepy whisper* "I love it when you whisper actual factual statements into my ear" lol or you can be like the white House and offer self admitted "alternative facts" which is the "politically correct" way to say bullshit. Politicians and their policies of political correctness bullshit.

    15. August Jacobsen

      I like this, been following you for a long time Pewds, this is a nice idea, The news. It's very interesting.

    16. Karen Mangion

      Pew News backwards is Swen Wep

    17. greatmemes92

      I was the 400,000th like

    18. Nox Huffinus

      “Link in the description” help. Where TF is the description?

    19. Manan Shah

      15:22 Here's what you came here for. YOUR WELCOME

    20. Anime lover


    21. Le Stag

      Popy harlow is papa

    22. BC P

      Damn it man. Drop some f bombs so you don't have so many ads come on.

    23. Julian Boylan


    24. jin

      I watched Marzia's video. It was a beautiful story of how she and Felix moved from place to place and how she was inspired to start her own ID-news channel. Eventually, she just wanted to move on to new things and experience the world outside of ID-news. Nothing about mental health or creator burnout. The people who write these articles can be retarded sometimes.

    25. Dane Spear

      I think Poppy Harlow has fallen hard for cutiepie.... Wonder if pewds is aware of this I feel like we should let him know

    26. suurinpoika1

      1:16 starts VoiceoverPete...but can anyone tell me whats the music/tune plying in the background please if anyone knows. cheers

    27. Jay Cox

      Voiceover Pete. You laugh you win!

    28. Lirin

      Marzia is so pretty.

    29. Autism

      Pete’s son is more adorable than Ben Shapiro

    30. Laura Hendrickson

      I got a prageru ad with Ben Shapiro

    31. SmokeyKnight 317

      Wait r u and Marzia still together

      1. Laura Hendrickson

        Didnt he literally say "my fiancee"

    32. em.ilymay

      can we get pewnews to be a podcast on spotify?

    33. Daniel Turner


    34. Unox

      Voiceover pete is so wholesome

    35. Do Ty

      It should be call “ID-newsr News”

    36. Tcsf Xxfgt

      Asian Andy is going to die from this

    37. Tcsf Xxfgt

      Pewdiepie needs to make pewtube where all the bullshit ID-news has dosnt exist

    38. Mr criticism

      Man those two were such a good couple WHY?

    39. Highgroundy Boi

      Attention all memers Voiceover pete is in grave danger to help him send your moms credit card number and help Voiceover pete will get a epic W

    40. shawn sullivan

      the fundamental issue with the donations is. if youtube themselves wont accept the money bc of who said what when it was donated(which you agreed was smart) then youtube cannot channel said money into a charity because the charity themselves like to know who they are receiving funding from. its like a ethical torch being passed on. since the money is tied to certain messages most ETHICAL organizations would not accept the money. fun example:if the u.s funded and helped north korea build a nuke.......that's why news places love to twist youtube apart, its an endless source of stories............why wouldnt you just keep to the easiest content at hand. on the happy side good for voiceover pete! he just seems like genuinely good dood

    41. Haruki Shirota


    42. Dynamo


    43. HDsheet

      Got banned and started the kid entertainment channel you fulfill my passion for animation hope got success one day very soon

    44. Salman Naseem

      My story is almost smilir to voice over Transfromed into youtube still in noticed

    45. Junior Alfredo

      i have already watched goodbye youtube by Marzia. I shouldn't have watched it before this video.

    46. Eshipants Poops

      Teacher:You should watch the news Me:Pew News?

    47. GameOnGT

      17:05 probably Thea And Crainer channel

    48. dr. i can zipper

      im zipper, but im a gamer zipper gamer, but i can still help dr.

    49. Death Vowl

      help voiceover pete

    50. Freaaky

      "Life is more then youtube" -Bigest youtuber on the platform

    51. Totallynotmatt

      Bro I legit got a pewdiepie ad before watching the vid

    52. Aidan prosper

      filthy frank was a huge success as an artist after he left

    53. Mark Ding


    54. DoesNotInhale

      Best father son duo ever

    55. 神崎オレンジ

      13:30 well said, good sir

    56. anonymakis

      Get ready pew to be milked by marzia Italian tana. I used to have Italian girlfriend too and they are the worst bitc#3$ beware their innocence

    57. Gavin Such

      I love this so much it’s content cop mixed with drama alert👍🏻

    58. Vivek Anandh

      Better Call Saul vibes

    59. Yey Learning Path

      You guys are the true warriors of this generation guys!!! is nice to learn from you how to slow down this big companies... Great to see the amount of support from everyone in community to boost his confidence:)

    60. XxVampiregirl17xX

      Just. Take. The. Money

    61. XxVampiregirl17xX

      Subbed to pete

    62. SwordDancerX1

      so pete asked for a credit card number how many times in previous vids? yet this one time he asked about it(joke-nly) in this new video and that broke TOS? wtf? o.o

    63. ASMR Creepy pasta

      You don’t Count as a gamer if you play undertale.

    64. Meteor Cubing

      Man, the girl who runs this show really looks like Pewdiepie.

    65. Hadley Alex

      So did pew and Marzia break up?

      1. Hadley Alex

        Lirin thank you

      2. Lirin

        Hadley Alex no they’re engaged

    66. Ivan Filippov

      wait i got a pewdiepie merch ad.

    67. Echo Flamehoof


    68. Blackout 15

      I wonder why Gloria Borger poppy Harlow and pewdiepie look so similar, they even have the same chair for $399

    69. eleazar cascone

      Welp you did it, so im subscribing

    70. Joshua Gall

      What's wrong with saying "White pride worldwide" ?? Why is it that Asians, Africans, Latin Americans and literally every other race are allowed to be proud of their race but white people aren't. That's pretty racist I must say

    71. matt fox

      Thanks for speaking the truth Pewdi. Ur the man

    72. Not Politically Correct

      Why don’t people get banned from ID-news for promoting communism?

    73. KeybladeLAD37

      Ironic, got a fiverr advertisement before watching the video.

    74. Wilburious

      Someone in JF's chat sent me here.

      1. Lirin

        Wilburious love JF

    75. Anonymous Anonymous


    76. Bubbles MC

      My mom: Can you turn the volume down? Me: I'm watching news!

    77. Dylan Braun

      true respect to this man who truly is a role model and is leading the nine year olds in the right direction

    78. yerboi J

      How is white pride world wide that bad I get that the people saying it are doing it to be jerks but it’s not like they are saying white power or anything even though people saying black power are doing the exact same thing

    79. ng william

      So...did you broke up with her...?

    80. Doodle Pop

      Geezz a couple days you have wasted your life

    81. Jokerfunland Films

      Voiceover Pete is using undertale against me ah

    82. Ln Silver

      How the hell is the mic floating

    83. TheGoldenWolfYT


    84. islandparadise

      Engagement ring ad when talking about Marzia 🤣

    85. 01jaredg

      This dude does commercials where he pretends to be a doctor.

    86. Parker King

      Boycott fiverr

    87. orbik

      There is something seriously wrong if Marzia _isn't_ pregnant by now

    88. Creak W#

      Men lets not use fiver such a jerk they are like seriously dude like men world needs to ban them from everywhere f them

    89. Yani Tomov

      About the offensive super chat donations, it makes perfect sense to go to charity, because it is the absolute troll the people who write them (the hate donations), this way the money they use to promote hate goes to something good that helps kids. Pewds is right, just take the money and put the politics aside ... it's that simple.

    90. colby blaine

      Everyone quit fiverr

    91. Lily_needs_sleep ?

      Oh no I need to help Sans!

    92. Eduardo Bogosian

      13:54 EXACTLY!

    93. Mike Stories

      I was so excited when he mentioned wrb lol that was my childhood

    94. Purple Unicorn

      Holy crap 17th of May is meh bday

    95. Rapa Pu

      I watch the adds just to support Pewds

    96. Ana Cristina

      This is a copy of the fnews of felipe grandson of brazil kkkkkkkkkk

    97. Awesome Freak

      6:28 why that look low-key look like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory doe?

    98. WeaselBeeH

      Marzia is a river in bulgaria. COINCIDENCE!? Probably...

    99. l3lack_D1am0nd

      It’s weird to hear Pewds say cancer and actually mean CANCER

    100. beep boop kimchi

      I think PewDiePie might be a fan of PewNews.