My Boyfriend Teaches Me Jiu Jitsu 3



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    1. Hannah Mendenhall

      Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Haha. You thought I’d finish it!!😝😂

    2. avtomat kalashnikova

      The sexual tension is heartwarming

    3. Ирина К

      У кого тут фиолетовый пояс сучечка?

    4. William Hatcher

      I request part 4

    5. YinYang Pawz

      "THIS IS NOT SEXUAL" Um 8:00

    6. red dawn

      Sorry to correct your spelling, but it's actually "jew" jitsu. Get it? Wocha, wocha, wocha!

    7. Jonas Krueger

      Where did he learn that double leg how are you supposed to get any leverage on your knee

    8. Citrine42

      Julien: this is a sport Jenna: I'm a threat

    9. LOLchickerz

      For some reason, I freaking LOVE when Jenna says “Are you a cop?”

    10. Leela Darbonne

      Jenna looked like a baby when Julien came at her and was like “WhY aRe YoU sO sLoW?”

    11. Emily Holt

      "Beatllejuice Beatllejuice Beatllejuice then you kick em' in the nuts" 🤣🤣🤣

    12. Mew 685

      I do jui jitsu

    13. Judith Van Der Lee

      My boyfriend teaches me jiu jitsu or my bf abuses me and calls it jiu jitsu

    14. Courtney Whitworth

      Jenna throwing Julian and yelling “Neon Belt” at his face is a MOOOOOD.

    15. Ellie Marie

      Things get serious when Jenna can't find the cap

    16. mp c

      this series is called julien throws jenna around while she screams

    17. Emily Glenn

      these always turn into them just play wrestling for 10 minutes

    18. Jacob B


    19. Chloe

      We NEED more of these. I watched all three videos together and I'm in tears.

    20. Michelle A

      Soooo the other dayyyyy 😅😅

    21. illiciitt

      *D O N O T*

    22. flinticus maximus

      They are totally into bondage

    23. Cayla Anderson

      Aaaaah their signs are switched in this video :)

    24. Nanna Broedsgaard

      0:26 Jenna: Purple stands for punishing them perpetrators Julien: Did you just make that up? Jenna: Yeah are you a cop? It had me cracking up 😂

    25. Lydia_Bug Art

      Me: *makes up a word in Philosophy, Religion and Ethics at school* Teacher: Did you make that up? Me: yeah. Are you a cop? (I’ve also said: ahhHHH WORDS and got a voice crack when panicking 👏)

    26. paula pulido

      My gazillionth time watching this video

    27. Hannah Grace

      I'm just imagining Jenna getting attacked by a stranger and using her Jiu Jitsu skills to defend herself but she accidentally chokes him to death and when the police arrives and asks why she killed him she just goes: "He didn't tab"

    28. Stormy Draws

      So we've established this as a once a year type of thing....... *Sits and eagerly awaits a fourth installment* 👀

    29. Presley Grace

      Part 4 part 4 part 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    30. Cherish Randall

      *jenna getting jiu jitsu'd* "soooooo the other dayyyy" 😂

    31. Autumn H

      8:37 is by far the funniest part😂 Jenna: ahhhhh!! *Taps Julien multiple times* Julien: gets off without hesitation Jenna: *worms around and smacks julien* “FUCK u julien!” Julien: what the hell!?! Jenna: I don’t like learning!!!

    32. Alondra F

      PART 4 PLEASE!

    33. ash tray

      as someone who is in jiu jitsu, i will use all of jenna’s quotes

    34. Rachelle Patano

      "It's a necktie" I don't know WHY that killed me😂😂😂

    35. Jordan Smith

      "You got to lock my leg in" "I don't have a key!"😁😁😁

    36. Ainsley Gavin

      Literally every line in this video is quotable

    37. Alexis Romero

      This had me d y i n g 😂

    38. I'm just a fangirl

      She reminds me of Peach when they move her

    39. g a r b a g e c a n

      I share a room w/ my parents and both are asleep. I’m trying my hardest not to laugh my ass off (and failing miserably , might I add)

    40. wearethegaygods

      *_sicko dicko_*

    41. estephanie g

      i feel like every time I watch these I stgggggg the 1st one and this one are my favorite - they also make me laugh harder and harder 😂😂😂😂♍️

    42. youssarian91

      10:30-10:56 are also great!

    43. youssarian91

      The way Julien says "DO NOT" at 7:50 makes me giggle uncontrollably

    44. Tallulah :3

      This is domestic abuse I think someone should call Dr Phil

    45. Annique Simonse

      I want more !!!!!!!

    46. Kelsie Walters


    47. kaleb Yonemoto

      6:09 omg yes kiss the girl SHALALALALALA

    48. Kelya Trepanier

      Kiss the girl😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🦀🦑🧜‍♀️

    49. Gypsy camy

      Oh my god yall are so cute

    50. Destiny24Life

      2:35 **says not sexual ***boyfriend touches butt

    51. BootsTheCat

      "You can't do that I'm a Virgo " explains so much.

    52. Jaime Fults

      I just wanna know who edited this

    53. kira8509

      Jenna on the mat is basically the same as Julien in the kitchen. A Virgo in the kitchen, an Aries on the mat.

    54. Shayne Gelfond

      9:01 Big Jenna Energy

    55. Floyd White

      Jenna should take up kickboxing.. We get great legs and she gets revenge.

    56. JillyMae89

      When the virgo is aries

    57. ana

      lol when you get jiujitsu flashbacks

    58. Kahsennonkwas deer-toelle

      16 minutes of Jenna and Julia roiling on the floor

    59. Pepper The Dog

      i’M a ThReAt

    60. sophie koller

      I'm a threat I'm a threat

    61. Julia S

      5:55 Never realized how large julien is till then

    62. Destiny Underwood


    63. Bob Huskins

      I believe in you Jenna. Can't wait for the next video of this series.

    64. Dorota Schreiberová

      I need part 4 of this omg

    65. salamander toes

      5:12 “good. no,that..what.the hell.”

    66. jackpodram

      the "still out" part was amazing, it was my first real laugh in a while...

    67. Silly Goose

      I barely understood anything🤣

    68. Rikki Mangat

      This is so funny!! I was crying laughing through the whole damn thing!!

    69. Elizabeth Garcia

      She should actually go to a jiu jitsu class

    70. Hiraeth

      “This isn’t sexual” *Mentions Fifty Shades Darker 80 times*

    71. shubhita singh

      “You got the mat all wet” Jenna: 🌚 with the rose water

    72. Andrew Simpson

      "911, YES HELLO IV'E BEEN JIUJITSED!"-Jenna 2018

    73. issy r.

      Y’all think this is funny but this might just be the fucking cutest most relationship goals video I’ve ever seen

    74. Zariah Abina

      Do a 2019 one (part 4)

    75. Amy Howell

      Y’all should do “Jenna Tries To Teach Julien Jiu Jitsu”

    76. Kitten Allen

      Can I get some Fs in chat for Julian's eardrums

    77. Calvin Manio

      i aspire to obtain this kind of relationship

    78. medi mia

      I cannot wait for the 2019's 'My Boyfriend Teaches Me Jiu Jitsu 4'

    79. Anna Strickland

      Don’t roast my dick😂

    80. Elexys Howard

      teaching Jenna must be so exhausting lol

    81. Chocolatire101

      BEgoNe PeRP!!!!!!1!1!1!!!

    82. Nia Kingoo

      *I M A T H R E A T*

    83. Alanna Mercia

      9:34 me every bio test I've ever taken😂😂

    84. Alanna Mercia

      That awkward moment when ur hair matches ur belt😂

    85. Anna M

      I love jiujitsu so much. It’s so much fun. And I want more of these videos

    86. chaoticinflation

      5:00 when I dip u dip we dip

    87. Eleanor

      "I'm a threat. I'm a threat"

    88. Dirrty_ Demetria

      If they ever did a 4th video I would want Jenna go to an actual class.

    89. Elizabeth Williams

      Everytime I watch this it gets funnier

    90. Lea C

      I have replayed the “hug. Wind. WOrds.” part too many times.

    91. Katelyn Grace

      Jenna: “Purple stands for ‘Punishing them Perpetrators’”. Julien: “Did you just make that up?” Jenna: “Yeah, are you a cop?”

    92. Corridos Y MEMES

      Poor guy looks like he puts up with her crap to get his fuck on

    93. Clumsy Chaos

      PLEASE make another one!!!!!

    94. Ellie Morales

      I love them

    95. Margo-Sophie Hawkins

      5:04 absolute gold

    96. Jessica Gallant

      They should try doing yoga together 🙃🙂

    97. Paris Houston

      Did anyone else realize that Jenna said Punishing Them Perpetrators and it doesn't even stand for PURP

    98. Un blog anonim


    99. Tori Richards

      Does julien dye his hair based on his belt color

      1. Random Person

        Tori Richards no