NIKI - Warpaint (Official Music Video)



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    Stream/Download "Warpaint" now:
    Head In The Clouds, an album by 88rising, out now:
    Directed by Robin & Cako
    Director of Photography: Gianpaolo Lupori
    Executive producers: Robin & Cako
    Producer : T TN P
    Editor : Luu-Anh Laporte
    Colorist: Nikola Mrdalj
    Colorist assistants: Agua Jiang, Eric Ju, Christine Wang
    Sound Designer & Mix: Alex Louboutin (HRCLS)
    88rising Head In The Clouds Music & Arts Festival
    September 22, 2018 | Los Angeles State Historic Park
    88 Degrees & Rising North American Tour

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    1. Aminova Yudistira

      Wajahnya mirip gita gutawa

    2. EM Lily

      she is adorable

    3. Joshua Hudsaks

      Is this before or after the Agent Orange?

    4. Ghazali Gaming

      Warpath :v

    5. Victoria

      I still can't believe theneedledrop said this was the worst song on the album just because it sounds like a lana del rey song?

    6. Revrevrev

      The Asian Tomb Raider

    7. Sky Vvs

      21 pilots ride fr fr

    8. MoeChacino corp.

      Niki sangean?

    9. melody ou


    10. sj y


    11. Eka Susanti Setiawan


    12. Version 31.0 IDN


    13. Niken Apdiningsih



      I’m loving 88⬆️! Beautiful fucking music

    15. Purnama Astawann


    16. Rezz 89

      this is so fresh ! the whole instruments fits your voice.. love your voice

    17. Pearl's corner

      I wish this sone have karaoke version

    18. Madxofi Yan私

      Only I feel that this song is different from other Niki songs

    19. Chris Cabral

      dis is good.

    20. Choa Hyuna


    21. thichlamphim

      So beautiful!

    22. Brandon Anims

      I heard this on the radio in the PH! Hooray for NIKI!

    23. Smitty ThaGreat

      What if ellie goulding was Asian?

    24. Sothirith Pou

      This should be like an Olympic song

    25. Misa Bae

      Such a good song👍🏼

    26. HexGaming

      this record is so underrated

    27. E John

      Who is niki??? Omg she's amazing! Satu lagi penyanyi Indonesia yg punya kualitas tinggi. Maaf baru tau 😊.

    28. Momon cs


    29. Yusuf Riyanto

      Oh dude... 😘

    30. Suicideマル

      bro i love this song

    31. Quang Lâm Hà

      This MV was record in a uninhibited waterpark in Hue, 🇻🇳. Proud of Nguyenland!

    32. crushayou53

      1:20 “make them take lsd and run around them in a circle and yell nightmare nightmare”

    33. Biker Cố Đô

      Huế vietnam


      This one is mashook pak ekoo

    35. WeWuz Kangz

      gtfo me wall cants

    36. Faris uwu

      Damn NIKI u trynna beat up some foo and burn some shit, im down.

    37. Erika Madjid

      Bikin versi bahasa indo dongg

    38. Tuong Le

      88 rising how you guys know this place?

    39. Hello_Ally_Bye

      I love this but it low-key sound like something that they would play in a hot topic

    40. Yuri Lai


    41. C H A R L I E T H A R G I C

      They really need to collab with Karencitta

    42. C H A R L I E T H A R G I C

      This is so aaaaaamaaaaaaziiiiiinggggg From the neighborhood country Philippines

    43. Cara Me

      Get it

    44. Farrel Rafi

      Nice song NIKI! Indonesia proud of you!!!

    45. Farrel Rafi

      Nice song NIKI! Indonesia proud of you!!!

    46. Yohana Agnes

      [NIKI (NZEE24)!] Anda diundang untuk bergabung dengan sebuah Square LINE. Hai! Square ini khusus untuk penggemar nicole zefanya! Jadi, buat kalian yang menyukai Niki, tunggu apa lagi? Ayo join!

    47. Drama Netizen

      Love, love and love...

    48. Numinor

      i'm pickin up some Tove Lo vibes up in here and i'm diggin it

    49. Siêu Nhân

      Where is the place so valuable

    50. Psychonaut

      *I freaking LOVE THIS SONG.*