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    Again, just an enormous thank you to those of you who spend your time doings things like this. It really is one of my favorite parts of the internet when people take things and make them into whatever they want, I enjoy watching them so much. I'll list the videos below in order in case you want to watch any of the originals, and if you liked them please do watch, I love supporting channels that are original and funny and talented and all of these people are. See you next week when we get back from Hong Kong although I'll probably be SO FUCKING JET LAGGED IM JET LAGGED JUST THINKING ABOUT BEING JET LAGGED CAN YOU GET PRE JET LAGGED I AM THAT.
    Julien's Best Background Comments
    By Fake Fan
    Marbles Not Knowing Where He Is For 1 Minute Straight
    By Fake Fan
    The Chair |Official Trailer| [HD] | Jenna Marbles+Julien Solomita
    By Hannah Smith
    The Chair: A Horror Movie
    By Harvey Rain
    Jenna Telling Julien To Stop Compilation
    By Wynnie Bee
    Jenna Marbles Being A Good Mother For 3 Minutes
    Peach Being Adorable
    By Leisure Suit
    Although I only showed the title (lol) here is 40 Seconds of Jenna Marbles Saying Leggings (compilation)
    By Jenna Mrables
    Jenna Julien Podcast Best/Funniest Moments 2017 Part 2
    By Taylor Vifquain
    As always, huge shout out to Busch AKA JnJ Memes for the absolute gold he makes for the next few
    Jenna and Julien Having Fun (meme)
    By JnJ Memes
    Kermit Has Flashbacks, Again (meme)
    By JnJ Memes
    Marbles Is Angry (meme)
    By JnJ Memes
    Kermit Ruining Marbles' Birthday For 3 Minutes Straight
    By JnJ Memes
    Jenna Marbles And Her Gang
    By Jess Freespirit
    Jenna & Julien | What's A Soulmate?
    By Occasionally Occasional
    Beef Sticks: A Jenna Julien Podcast Edit
    By Jordan Edits
    FIGHT ME Jenna and Julien
    By Karen's World
    Ear Blood- Jenna Marbles TRAP REMIX
    By Day by Dave
    JennaMarbles AGGRESSIVELY Moving Her Eyebrows While Talking
    By Claudia
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    1. Mica's Domain

      (Having super emotional moment) 12:31

    2. Dawn Shea

      Jenna: “Click on it” “Oh my god stop!”

    3. Marten Johnston

      Poor marbles. His long term memory is gone. Either that or he needs to cut down on smoking and eating marijuana.

    4. Venken 64

      Soulmates are not scientifically accurate, they’re just an American belief fyi

    5. Death Nolastname

      12:00 what's a sole mate, CLICK ON IT. 4 second later. STOOPP

    6. Deceitful Nickle


    7. jane haviland

      why your dogs makin all those bird noises tf??

    8. Miss Demonia

      4:47 they shouldve had AHS theme song xD

    9. Aquafirefury 12

      I am now going to have nightmares about Jenna chair

    10. Yara Lugtenberg

      We should all dress up like a piece of a sofa, and then when we sit next to each other we look like a full sofa.

    11. Kit Ortiz

      when i was a young chair my father put me in the living room

    12. Renee Sinderberry

      pls do y'all reacting to horror movie trailers lol or like a watch a full horror movie as a live stream

    13. Naveen Gorecki

      i like ur eyebrows

    14. -Galaxy Teh Skeleton-

      You should watch this! it’s just a Compilation of Kermit being an attention whore

    15. I Put A Knife In A Toaster Skeleton

      *N a S t Y b O i*

    16. Katelyn Spencer

      People keep telling me I wiggle my. Nose when I try to move my eyebrow

    17. FrugleBugle Oogle

      My favorite was the horror 1 w/ Jenna trying to blend in w/ the chair, and the earblood video. Those were hella unexpected. LOL Those just took me off guard, and made me laugh like crazy.

    18. Logan Foster

      Marbles not knowing where he is for 10 years

    19. Rhythm Jaiminy

      I like your content but that's a terrible intro

    20. Rachel Middleton

      I’ve watched this video a couple of times and EVERYTIME the soulmates one comes on I ALWAYS cry😭❤️❤️

    21. Akane Rei

      Subscribe Subscribe to pewdiepie

    22. Kelli

      I almost choked on my food during the chair horror movie trailers.

    23. Rachel Dawe

      I love how to cutesy videos make Julien wanna die that shit is so funny to me

    24. Lady13Paranoid

      I just have a feeling Jenna is hinting getting married strong ^^ SO Julien, get ready :D

    25. -j m

      Someone should make "Jenna feeling attacked for 3 minutes straight" if someone hasn't already

    26. ValeTheWeirdo

      Oh my god Jenna same!!When i get my eyebrows threaded it would take like an hour to do it fully or whatever.They would literally not know what to do

    27. ValeTheWeirdo

      I love the ear blood one!

    28. Clexanvers X

      Need more reactions to videos of cement, banana, and triangle!

    29. cornfieldcryptid

      This is the only straight couple I trust and I've only watched about five videos of theirs.

    30. *Corgi Nation*

      6:42 7:02

    31. Laney O'Donnell

      I never knew how cute peach was she was adorable as a baby

    32. Jamie White

      The i movie ones you have to watch it all the way to the end the very end till the vid Is over the horror ones that kinda look the same

    33. Danny Major

      he licks yo legs cause he tryna eat you fam

    34. Hayley Heishman

      Jenna's anguished wail had me on the floor.

    35. Ariany Gomez

      Give urself a liberty hawk bish

    36. Kerry Donovan

      Yall should hire j&j memes

    37. sydn3400 sydn3400

      juliens face when they watched the soulmate video 💗💗💗

    38. Panic! At The Søcial Event

      6:34 *WHAT ARE THIS*

    39. Astronomy Club

      I just realized I'll never be in a relationship as good as theirs like wtf is that even possible?

    40. Brazil Garcia

      I swear Jenna and Julien are literally the most perfect couple ever. I love u guys so much.

    41. Idkwhattoputhere

      When the second chair movie played. As soon as she screamed in the mirror I had to fast forward... That was creepy af

    42. Super Lion

      You, your dogs, and my cat are turning me into a hybrid of all three lol

    43. Silent Sarah

      I love Jenna's eyebrows.... ;-;

    44. Liz Biz

      7:03 ASMR

    45. Тимур Турусбеков

      Have Jenna ever made water marbles?

    46. SjaneW 005

      I had a nightmare the night I watched this, it was Jenna yelling as the chair, it was a monotone yell, I woke up sweating so hard.

    47. Gi Gi

      I fucking love this channel and i will protect it for life

    48. //mattie bond\\

      12:32 jenna: AHHHH idk why but i started dying laughing

    49. Joifullmemes


    50. Timothy Verheyn Jr.

      Can't stop staring at Julien