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    Huge enormous thank you and shout out to all of the people that made these edits (and even the ones that weren't shown in the video, we've watched your edits too y'all funny as hell) it's really special that you guys take the time to make stuff like this, I'm unbelievably flattered even WHEN YALL REALLY BE OUT HERE ROASTING ME. Below are the links in order to all of the videos we reacted to and if you like any of them consider checking out the full version to support the creator. Many of them are a lot better when you see the full thing but I'll warn you here and later at the bottom THAT HEREDITARY TRAILER IS REALLY ACTUALLY LIKE GENUINELY GONNA GIVE ME NIGHTMARES even though it's funny SO LIKE WATCH THAT THING AT YOUR OWN RISK lol
    Kermit's PTSD - by Squishy Budd
    The Green Screen Fiend Horror Movie | Jenna Marbles- by Tea
    Jenna Struggling to Paint for 3 Minutes with Bob Ross- by Tea
    Jenna Marbles is having me time. - by Robletics
    Young Justice- Jenna Marbles Crack - by Artemis Crock101
    Me time (Jenna marbles green screen meme) - by Ally Quack
    Rip Jenna Marbles ears. May they Rest In Peace. - by MegANDenia
    Jenna marbles and the prisoner of the green screen - by BitterYetSweet
    Jenna marbles is not a robot (edit meme) - by Charlie
    Jesus Christ It's Jenna Marbles - by Edjerha Draws
    Mr Marbles Being Found Guilty - by Sadie Xx
    Jenna Marbles as Actual Otters - by RoseColoredCassidy
    JAWS meeble - by Shookbrii
    American Horror Story: Jenna's Salon - by Diet Peach
    The Face: A Horror Movie (2018) - by Trailer Pictures
    Mean Girls but it's Julien Solomita- by Random Uploads
    if Jenna and Julien had an Aries kid (dink meme) by justmecourtney
    Jenna Marbles trying to blend in with her green screen - by Davold0
    Jenna Marbles - The Ring trailer - by mappledumplings
    Jenna Marbles In Insidious - by Marc
    The always talented and wonderful Busch from JnJ memes with
    hide your kids its Aries season (meme)
    Jenna Marbles Somebody That I Used to Know (Edit)
    Gilli Helm
    Jenna Marbles Wheeze/Laughing to Popular Songs - by Marc
    The one of me counting my fingernails I literally can't even find right now for some reason but it's called Yes and I think that's why I'm having trouble lol. let me know if you find it so I can link it.
    Again WARNING FOR REAL IM NOT JOKING this one is really very scary at least to me cuz maybe I'm just a baby but like for real
    Jenna Marbles in Hereditary - by K Costley
    The most meta thing I have ever done on my channel, I'm in a Jenna Marbles Video! by Karen's World lol
    The "Beautuber": Jenna Marbles Compilation (Trailer Style) - by Flightless Kiwi
    Jenna Marbles kiss whistle for 14 seconds straight ... you're welcome- by Elizabeth meme god
    The Iceberg of Bel Air - by Dink Memes aka Royce Remix

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    1. Jenn Brown Sculpture

      I would totally buy a line of products from Jenna's Ratchet Salon

    2. Julie Parker

      Jenna wheeze laughing sounds like a turtle 😂

    3. Zoe

      Your boyfriend look like Leonel Messi :v

    4. Midnight Gacha Girl :3

      *I feel like u guys only make these videos before u travel*


      Hereditary was SUCH a good movie

    6. Scott Rhodenizer

      9:21 all of Julien's dreams come true

    7. Isaac Parker Netherway


    8. David M

      your painting looks great from here!!!! keep it up. if you find it fun then JUST DO IT!!!

    9. AmericaninAustralia

      That hereditary edit makes me laugh every single time

    10. Rikardo Primos

      Кто здесь с канала Камеди Стор? Ну или прост русский...

    11. Colleen Schmidt

      anyone else have to crack their knuckles immediately after julien cracked his in the mic

    12. Andrew Reardon

      Oh my god with Jenna wheezing to popular songs I almost pissed myself

    13. Taylor LaRocca

      Come speak at UCF

    14. stick opter

      The fucking hereditary one was just amazing

    15. Marìa Calvo

      8:40 for some reason that looks oddly like Jennifer Lawrence 🤔

    16. Amber Davis

      I’m dying right now you guys are always like “it’s so scary I’m so scared” and it’s literally a video of you guys hahahha

    17. Fairy Duckling

      Jenna. Please check out a ID-news channel called "Emelia Fart" and do a parody or something

    18. Senior Puppito

      Omfg has someone made a Jurassic park trailer of her

    19. Yung Red

      Jenna’s painting is beautiful .-.

    20. Ryan Meneo

      *video says young justice* Julien: its teen titans

    21. ZebraGazelRobin

      omg!! please have a kid!!!

    22. Jess Marchand

      I like how people will forever be giving you video ideas, but Julian needs to do more than change his hair.

    23. Alina Kowalchyk

      12:30 - 12:58 dead lol

    24. Lilah Grove

      As a person who constantly used to make horror movie trailers on imovie in elementary school, I can verify the these edits are in fact "some imovie thing"

    25. Joseph

      Hate her boyfriend

    26. Makenna Ehlinger

      I’m a Aries XD

    27. BlueDahlia_14

      Did Julien seriously say Teen Titans about Young Justice? ExCUSE me?

    28. Ella Human

      have a sagittaires kid

    29. AmericaninAustralia

      Where is part 7

    30. KindaJared

      The insidious one is the best omg

    31. zackeeeeeeeeeeeee

      11:59 the ghost of marbles walks into heaven

    32. Ashley Adams

      16:11 from State Farm What are you wearing, Jake from State Farm?? Uhh... Kakis?

    33. Daisy Nolf

      pls make another google deep dive

    34. KillDeer

      Oh lord have mercy

    35. Annelie

      Jenna stopped using the sexual wednesdays intro after this roast lmaoo

    36. blackwolf899

      I honestly want their kid to be an aries so damn bad

    37. lxvecyrus

      3:57 lmfao Jenna watched 'Monster' by Gabbie Hanna

    38. Sara Sykes

      I'm going to attend Slippery Rock this fall! I so badly wanted to come out the day you were there, but I had work):

    39. C H

      I died at the green screen horror movie omfg

      1. C H

        +Evie Animations 1:25

      2. Evie Animations

        *W h i c h o n e*

    40. Holly Tyler


    41. someone

      15:14 *Staph you two.* Or I'll _need some help.._

    42. someone 6785

      David dramin is my step uncle

    43. _•PurpleCat666•_

      1:55 So Creepy...

    44. Annalie Zito

      Hell yeah jenna going to slimy pebble

    45. Athena Shadowpaw

      i s w i m h e r e

    46. Paris Houston

      Yeah because it didn't look creepy in color

    47. yaya mtz

      I have an Aries sun AND Aries moon 6 year old 😐

    48. John Calacanis

      12:10 I don’t think they got the reference with the music tho....🤷🏼‍♂️😂

    49. katie price

      i’m actually laughing so hard

    50. Any Kaizer

      7:04 "I AM NOT SOFIA THE ROBOT" says as their eYEBROWS ALIGN

    51. Krazy RJ

      Do you call Julian’s genitals Jenna’s tools

    52. Gabbiedivine Edits

      Awww I love how at 2:32 it has her as she watched Gabbie’s song I love how she still supports her

    53. kyozakii

      is that lionel messi on the right

    54. Aalysha supnet

      12:00 does anyone see marbles walk in the background and the timing he walked by was perfect

    55. Leslie Hoekstra

      Video idea, Go visit Sofia the robot haha. Julien keeps saying "I've never seen you two in the same room!", give him what we wants haha.

    56. Raven steele

      Anyone want a part 6?

    57. Justin Johnson

      I think you should use make up to turn into sophia the robot. Just to show THOSE people just how much make up it would take to do such a task. To show it would take a lot of make up to make a BIG change to look like sophia the robot

    58. Autimations

      Who else is an Aries kid

      1. The Male Gardevoir

        Me well at least used to be. Now I'm an Aries adult XD

    59. Taylor Davis

      Do they smoke? Julien looks high lol

    60. Eleanor O'flaherty

      When the marina song came on i freaked outt

    61. Babe_Chee VA

      can we get a comp of cermit and dust bag(marble) wheezing for 2 minutes straight?

    62. PaintFreak 33


    63. Monserrat Guardado

      If you put subtitles oon, when she says another horror edit, it says another whore reddit i died 😂

    64. Aalia Elfaki

      THe daRkNESs wilL sWalLow YoU WHole cEmeNT

    65. Chelseaness09

      I came back to this video to watch julien being patient 🤣

    66. Yuval


    67. Riley Thiede

      A story about a man named Julien who buys a house and starts seeing unexplainable things. There's this ghost that keeps following him around and haunting him and trying to kill him and when he finally see's her he asks her "Why? Why are you doing this." And she screeches in a demonic voice "YOU'RE INTERRUPTING ME TIME"

    68. edemmat01

      Is it me or does Julien look like Lionel Messi

    69. Reese Boekeloo

      I am waiting for Jenna to dye her hair green so every time she has a green screen in the video or anytime she does a podcast she is just bald

    70. Storm Blood

      Jenna should become a tomato. 🍅

    71. use_alt_love _

      i did the kiss thing right after jenna said you do it, and julien and I did one in sync. what are we??????

    72. Nenad milkic

      Marina made start breaking down

    73. Lexie Michalek


    74. Lexie Michalek


    75. Sydney Freese

      Julien: Its teen titans Me: its actually called young justice but you were very close

    76. Kimberly Koonuk

      I loved the insidious one!

    77. StitchChicksRule

      To be honest, I'm in my senior year of art school and I'm still on that struggle bus for painting clouds, so don't give up!

    78. Emilie Bird

      0:39 It makes my heart happy to see so many Bob Ross videos in the 'recommended' section

    79. Jay Hatcher

      4:17 Julien gives the face of pure jealousy

    80. Maya Aguilar

      Yeah it's an iMovie template

    81. Pascal:3

      a can crack my spinal column lawl

    82. Shelby Dubree

      the "Jesus christ its Jason bourne" SENT ME

    83. yeet

      holy shit my mom went to school there

    84. Ruby's K9s

      Jenna you look so good with bangs!

    85. Turkey McDuckin

      Try not to paint with oil paints inside a house, it needs to be used in good ventilation

    86. Diva In A Bottle

      Jenna and Julien's Aries kid is probably my favorite thing this year.

    87. Nelson The N

      JeenaMarbles, but every time she says "Y'all know what I'm saying" the audio is replaced with Filthy Frank's. MAKE IT HAPPEN

    88. Alyssa Nich

      Hey Jenna I just wanna say thank you because my brother was throwing me around and threatening me and being very rude... my self confidence is gone and I'm feeling horrible. But your video really helped and I don't feel as bad now to thank you 💕💕

    89. Carlos Madrid

      well done jenna meat

    90. x BlueyCraftz

      I was just cracking my knuckles before the video started

    91. Lululipes

      Ur skin + his hair = Donald Trump

    92. That Weird Kid

      How to make horror movies not scary. Replace everything with Jenna marbles...

    93. top RAHmen

      Funny when it was paused at 2:25

    94. K B

      Hey Jen, my Iggy 6 months old named Dalme. She's a white and blue Iggy. She thinks that keirmit very handsome. And she wants to meet him. And have cute babies. Lol

    95. Olivia Rickett

      I love the last one

    96. Julia Wagner

      I'm a twin and we're Aries.... my poor mom

    97. India


    98. Nicole Caruana

      The insidious one was great. 😂

    99. mikkie8275

      i came here to watch to the dog with the turtle neck. i love this channel i am subscribed now

    100. OctoSilly

      Marbles looks like my aunties dog, she has a diseased eye. :(