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    Huge enormous thank you and shout out to all of the people that made these edits (and even the ones that weren't shown in the video, we've watched your edits too y'all funny as hell) it's really special that you guys take the time to make stuff like this, I'm unbelievably flattered even WHEN YALL REALLY BE OUT HERE ROASTING ME. Below are the links in order to all of the videos we reacted to and if you like any of them consider checking out the full version to support the creator. Many of them are a lot better when you see the full thing but I'll warn you here and later at the bottom THAT HEREDITARY TRAILER IS REALLY ACTUALLY LIKE GENUINELY GONNA GIVE ME NIGHTMARES even though it's funny SO LIKE WATCH THAT THING AT YOUR OWN RISK lol
    Kermit's PTSD - by Squishy Budd
    The Green Screen Fiend Horror Movie | Jenna Marbles- by Tea
    Jenna Struggling to Paint for 3 Minutes with Bob Ross- by Tea
    Jenna Marbles is having me time. - by Robletics
    Young Justice- Jenna Marbles Crack - by Artemis Crock101
    Me time (Jenna marbles green screen meme) - by Ally Quack
    Rip Jenna Marbles ears. May they Rest In Peace. - by MegANDenia
    Jenna marbles and the prisoner of the green screen - by BitterYetSweet
    Jenna marbles is not a robot (edit meme) - by Charlie
    Jesus Christ It's Jenna Marbles - by Edjerha Draws
    Mr Marbles Being Found Guilty - by Sadie Xx
    Jenna Marbles as Actual Otters - by RoseColoredCassidy
    JAWS meeble - by Shookbrii
    American Horror Story: Jenna's Salon - by Diet Peach
    The Face: A Horror Movie (2018) - by Trailer Pictures
    Mean Girls but it's Julien Solomita- by Random Uploads
    if Jenna and Julien had an Aries kid (dink meme) by justmecourtney
    Jenna Marbles trying to blend in with her green screen - by Davold0
    Jenna Marbles - The Ring trailer - by mappledumplings
    Jenna Marbles In Insidious - by Marc
    The always talented and wonderful Busch from JnJ memes with
    hide your kids its Aries season (meme)
    Jenna Marbles Somebody That I Used to Know (Edit)
    Gilli Helm
    Jenna Marbles Wheeze/Laughing to Popular Songs - by Marc
    The one of me counting my fingernails I literally can't even find right now for some reason but it's called Yes and I think that's why I'm having trouble lol. let me know if you find it so I can link it.
    Again WARNING FOR REAL IM NOT JOKING this one is really very scary at least to me cuz maybe I'm just a baby but like for real
    Jenna Marbles in Hereditary - by K Costley
    The most meta thing I have ever done on my channel, I'm in a Jenna Marbles Video! by Karen's World lol
    The "Beautuber": Jenna Marbles Compilation (Trailer Style) - by Flightless Kiwi
    Jenna Marbles kiss whistle for 14 seconds straight ... you're welcome- by Elizabeth meme god
    The Iceberg of Bel Air - by Dink Memes aka Royce Remix

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    3. Sydney Freese

      Julien: Its teen titans Me: its actually called young justice but you were very close

    4. sweet pea k

      I loved the insidious one!

    5. StitchChicksRule

      To be honest, I'm in my senior year of art school and I'm still on that struggle bus for painting clouds, so don't give up!

    6. Emilie Bird

      0:39 It makes my heart happy to see so many Bob Ross videos in the 'recommended' section

    7. Jay Hatcher

      4:17 Julien gives the face of pure jealousy

    8. Maya Aguilar

      Yeah it's an iMovie template

    9. Pascal:3

      a can crack my spinal column lawl

    10. Shelby Dubree

      the "Jesus christ its Jason bourne" SENT ME

    11. yeet

      holy shit my mom went to school there

    12. Ruby's K9s

      Jenna you look so good with bangs!

    13. Turkey McDuckin

      Try not to paint with oil paints inside a house, it needs to be used in good ventilation

    14. Diva In A Bottle

      Jenna and Julien's Aries kid is probably my favorite thing this year.

    15. Nelson The N

      JeenaMarbles, but every time she says "Y'all know what I'm saying" the audio is replaced with Filthy Frank's. MAKE IT HAPPEN

    16. Alyssa Animates

      Hey Jenna I just wanna say thank you because my brother was throwing me around and threatening me and being very rude... my self confidence is gone and I'm feeling horrible. But your video really helped and I don't feel as bad now to thank you 💕💕

    17. Carlos Madrid

      well done jenna meat

    18. x BlueyCraftz

      I was just cracking my knuckles before the video started

    19. Lululipes

      Ur skin + his hair = Donald Trump

    20. That Weird Kid

      How to make horror movies not scary. Replace everything with Jenna marbles...

    21. top RAHmen

      Funny when it was paused at 2:25

    22. K B

      Hey Jen, my Iggy 6 months old named Dalme. She's a white and blue Iggy. She thinks that keirmit very handsome. And she wants to meet him. And have cute babies. Lol

    23. Haru Nanase

      I love the last one

    24. Julia Wagner

      I'm a twin and we're Aries.... my poor mom

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    26. Nicole Caruana

      The insidious one was great. 😂

    27. mikkie8275

      i came here to watch to the dog with the turtle neck. i love this channel i am subscribed now

    28. OctoSilly

      Marbles looks like my aunties dog, she has a diseased eye. :(

    29. Camille Liebergen

      At 1:04 it said "I've never felt th is weightless in my entire life"😂😂

    30. Nora Johnson

      4:22 lmaoooo

    31. Rebekah Navarro

      There's nothing wrong w your painting. It's lovely. Lovely, I tell you!!

    32. Sarah Biggs

      The second horror one was definitely an imovie template

    33. Jordyn Denise

      The insidious one..😂😂

    34. Nyree M.

      there's a Julien Solomita Coughing to Popular Songs!

    35. Andrea Smith

      The world needs you to have babies; Young Mar'bell'ahs

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    37. Brandin Shaeffer

      I just want Julian's hair to be normal again. Please.

    38. sad.single. rose

      You should react to instagram edits

    39. Rebecca Frank

      In Harry Potter when:" I'm having me time get out" oh. My. God. Thanks for who ever did that

    40. Arvetis

      astrology isnt real hth

    41. Lil Cleves Aka Sophia Cleveringa

      You cant spell Marbles without "bles" *bles(s)*

    42. Narriee Loves animation

      I like how aaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll of her recommended is bob ross and roblox

    43. sorrynotsorryforbeingbias

      The hereditary was the creepiest movie and I finally got the clicking out of my head and now it’s back😖

    44. Lexi

      the Insidious one has been the only one to make me laugh and i died

    45. Bissan HD

      17:17 .. hell ya bitch

    46. Laura Marie

      I just laughed at the name jaws meeble

    47. Victoria dazzle

      Can we stop for a second and count how many times Jenna says “OH MY GOD”

    48. Caroline Clifford

      I hope they have a Gemini child, it'd be up to whatever with Jenna and also mess with Julien I'm in actual pain

    49. l S

      I’m gonna make you a makeup line called Jenna’s ratchet products 😂❤️😂I will send you the money if ya just let me do it plzzzzz

    50. Elyza Lex

      Omg I literally just watched hereditary the other day and the concept of it has been stuck in my head and then I switch to ID-news vids and it comes up again....