Rich Brian - History



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    Rich Brian - History
    Watch the official video:
    Head In The Clouds, an album by 88rising, coming July 20th, 2018
    Prod. by Brian Imanuel
    88rising Head In The Clouds Music & Arts Festival
    September 22, 2018 | Los Angeles State Historic Park
    88 Degrees & Rising North American Tour
    Rich Brian
    88 is double happiness

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    1. 88rising

      Official video for "History" is out now!

      1. Atem Nkemaka

        Yo brah keep making song I bring my iPad to school so I can here history

      2. NZ Gaming


      3. Killer FLOWz

        Yep !

      4. Agiliring


    2. AVery YellowMan

      Fuckin amazing To think he was a viner no hes making FUCKING 🔥 songs

    3. Zhons last

      cool song rich brian

    4. najmoon noorani

      Best song in history😂😂😂

    5. Amen sadboy

      I love melody

    6. WiZaRD CaT

      best song

    7. Di4b0LlK

      dafuk when im drunk i like it even more. rich chigga my favorite rapper. I think is the only one ( who i know ) who changed is name ;)

    8. Uglychamploo

      The beat is just on point🔥🔥

    9. No ketchup. Just sauce.

      lol if you got a sec can you check out my remix of Kendrick Lamar- Humble and this song?

    10. RAN DOM

      Imagine the baseline melody as elevator music .3.

    11. Advested _

      This song is a Ᏼ Ꮎ Ꮲ

    12. MDpro980

      *listens to song for the first time* Me: Ay, this seems like an upbeat song *reads lyrics* Me:Damn...that shit deep.

    13. julio cesar may pacheco


    14. 123코기

      This sound feel me chinese movie and hongkong movie in 80's. Is that right?? Because of album art, I feel concession in chinese like macao

    15. ScrubScott

      I get nostalgic every time I listen to this

    16. Moneyy Stealaa

      Yo he sounds exactly like that rich chigga guy

    17. yyy yyy

      We need Rich Brian X Post Malone !!!!! Would be da best!


        what about rich brian rich chigga and post

    18. Majo

      mi novio me dedicó esto :( I don't deserve him.

    19. IanIsDepressed 2650

      *Love The Beat*

    20. Pratik Parija

      Don't know why but the instrumental reminds me of a video game track or something. Lol

    21. Rani Juliarini

      f yeah

    22. M.Hamid

      We got history (history) Got me feeling the nostalgia When you look at me (look at me) Thinking 'bout what could have happened Or what could've been Finally a face I know, ain't that a sight to see Take my time then take your clothes off One more time, maybe Actin' like you don't recall, it ain't impressin' me Didn't come to see your friends, I know you came for me Like your dress, but you fit better in my wrinkled tee We moved on to newer things, but we got history Put my feelings all aside Don't know how to make it right Pictures poppin' on my mind All of these occasions Let's work it out with me I don't think it hurts to give another try on it Ain't nobody here know you like I do Ask all your friends if they know 'bout your size of shoes How you like to cry when you laugh, when you off the booze I moved on but I still remember a thing or two I know you said "gimme a hug", and I said "gimme a break" I wasn't trying my best, all the mistakes that I made I'm learning that it ain't the right move Learn from my mistakes, ain't that what the adults do?

    23. anh min

      so good

    24. 빛빛빛

      이걸.. 비트라 해야하나 .. 너무 좋다 사랑해

    25. 빛빛빛

      시불롬 멜로디 우디서 났노. 존나좃쿤.

    26. Quys Truong

      I love his song

    27. 10k de inscritos eu gravo um video :D

      Oww this sample is so cool

    28. Ell

      I don’t think this is mumble rap but idk. Still good

    29. CMoni

      ❤️❤️❤️❤️ we got history ❤️❤️❤️

    30. Mad Man

      those 900 ppl that disliked this prblably got burned by microwaved bread

    31. SelfProclaimed Legend

      Bro that background has me thinking of Pokemon

    32. rizaldo hidayat

      korannya berminyak kayak bekas gorengan

    33. michael vinluan

      sound like when u enter PokeMart

    34. Aznman 420

      Who came from the end of joji and brian eating Indonesian chicken

    35. Josh Cana

      1.25x speed Thank me later its lit🔥🔥

    36. SAZR

      mans really produced this fire himself too

    37. R with Hope

      one word : dope!

    38. Ciel Phantom

      Beat sounds like something from the Wii. I like it!

    39. HajiTawuran


    40. Pawee Hilarious

      I love this song HAHAHAHA

    41. Reiko Leung

      so cool ! Love it

    42. Got any Waste

      88rising makes me wish I was Asian

    43. Gilang Galang

      Play in speed 1x25. Auto shake ur head xD

    44. Find Some Time

      ricegum makes fire music damn

    45. Weeb

      I've been listening to too much 88rising because today I went to an oriental market near my house and I read a bottle of Rice Bran as Rich Brian

    46. The Jotaro Guy

      Cook mansion?

    47. XxMr23 AnOnYxX

      Who else thought it was a music video?😅

    48. Dqrrx

      Sounds like me. Jk

    49. lgunport

      i dont like rap I only watch bcos hes famous indonesian, still hate rap

    50. vy tường