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    So we decided to play a haunted spin the wheel game at 3am.. And things did not end too well...
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    If you read this far down the description I love you

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    1. Maheen Ayaz

      shall i tell you a creepy story i got homework but no for real ill tell you one... me and my sister was sleeping and she has a tv in her room with them big speakers and the speaker went on by itself and we also had a fan tht turned on by itslef and the door opened all the way and it closed shut bang. One time in the summer we heard a knock on the door at 3am and my family checked who it was and there was no one there. That same night we had a green rocking chair and it was rocking by itself. ScArY

    2. Hayat Dobre

      God! Please protect my family, me and my friends! I sent mean to watch the video! It was for curiosity! I swear! Please save me

    3. bish I am a cow Firas

      God I am sorry for watching this video please protect my me family friends and everyone amen

    4. bish I am a cow Firas

      Love you rug I brought the hoodi love you

    5. crappie tv

      I solll a. orrb

    6. Gabby Navarro

      10:00 there is a orb on the left side of the screen

    7. Kiinggoldenboii Perez

      I'm safe

    8. Skye and Tiger lilly Awesome Page

      Look at he's 📞 it's bleaking that means that someone is watching them at 18:2 or something

    9. Kayden Castro

      Omg the 666 god please save me

    10. Rapid Games

      Dude I know the 666 one is real cuz I tried it it pick up I have tears

    11. Legit jj

      Bro I’m actually deadass a long time ago I called it and it called my ong it called me

    12. Mr Taquitos

      Did u guys here that she did 6ix 9ine 11:03

    13. Stella Bandt


    14. Cheyenne Sumner

      Who reads the comments so that way they don't have to watch the video

    15. Ashleigh Powers

      I dont know if anyone noticed but at 10:00 an orb flew past the camra

    16. supernoob2nd !

      God I’m sorry that I watched this video I was just curious

    17. Kenji Kyle Zooey Siayngco

      Im not scared because i belive jesus is real


      OMG on 9:58 after the second spin when she got safe their was a white orbit on the corner but you need to look closely!

    19. Mohzity Gaming

      I’m about to full screen the bitch

    20. Itz_Lindsay XD

      God, I am sry for watching this video I just stopped watching it at 4:36 bc I read the comments and everyone is saying sort so like plz protect me and my family🙏🏽

    21. AnotherGucciLover OnRoblox

      My hot coco tastes like fire. It’s creepy,

    22. Kitsune Fox

      Almost everyone is scared amd im just laughing

    23. Jorge gonzalez miranda

      If you guys rewinde to 10.3 you wull se somthing idk if you guys will see it

    24. Mia Moussa

      allah please save my family,friends,I watched this because of couriosity

    25. Davyne Floyd

      After charlie charlie your supposed to tear up the paper and break the pencils so you don’t let the demon out

    26. ssj3 mike reacts and more

      Its only 6 6 6

    27. Voltage Raven

      There was a orb 😌

    28. Lorenzo Charqueno

      God i’m sorry for watching this video. Please bless my family, friends, and my loved ones. Amen ❤️🙏

    29. Luz Perez

      Rug look at 10:00 I see a Light Flow by right through your head

    30. Faith Curwen

      god please protect me and my family, amen🙏🏻

    31. Oona Brogan x

      God I am sorry for watching this video

    32. Panda Corns

      God please forgive me for watching this video for the second time and please protect all of my family.Amen

    33. Stephanie Aguilar

      Omg Jessica acts like a freaking baby at min 14:08

    34. Funsquad Funfam


    35. CamNL

      People believe this?

    36. Candance Whitehorn

      I saw something a 10:00

    37. buddy Higgins


    38. Jaheim Jonathas

      God I’m sorry also please protect every one I love please amen

    39. CocoLoco

      lol you said I dialed 69 like the dude but you have to listen to the 666 call longer and you will hear the devil

    40. reacting and gaming

      I know Im late but you have to call the number 666 times

    41. Madelin Vasquez

      there's a gost

    42. Cirze Arcos

      Good plz protect me,friends,family and all people that are watching this I love you father amen💕🙏🏻🙏🏻

    43. Cirze Arcos

      In minutes 10:00 you can see a orbit in the top of Amandas head if you don’t know what a obit is like a White little floating thing that tells you that there is a spirit there with you take care good is with us amen 🙏🏻

    44. Mr Fortnite235

      Are you really in faze faze rug because I,m new to the channel

    45. Jill Lauf

      God protect me

    46. Jill Lauf

      I can’t watch this video

    47. Jill Lauf

      God please make me safe

    48. Lilkrum

      Did anyone else see the orb on 10:01. That’s messed up

    49. Juan Romero

      can u dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo golfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    50. Malaina Bryant

      Are the 2 girls twins bc they look a lot alike::/:::/:/ IM NEW I JUST DISCOVERED HIS CHANNEL