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    From "SCUM FUCK FLOWER BOY" 2017* --------
    DIR: Wolf Haley
    DP: Luis Panch Perez
    PRO:Happy Place

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    1. Eazy Jizzle

      1:13 virgil would say: "FALLING INTO WATER"

    2. BreZa The TeZa


    3. xx xxxqz

      Why education?

    4. Cute Roze animations

      Already 7 views cuz ppl reaserch the song see you again XD

    5. CollegeBoi Nineteen

      I'm in the Navy and this is accurate. Hooyah

    6. Olivia Hahn

      But what does it meannnnn

    7. LokoComic

      NOT THE BEES!!

    8. Emma Dynes

      This is the fucking content we all need ⚡️⚡️

    9. sushi grass

      wow you finally made a music video yeee

    10. Beatriz Cassiano

      Drop BOREDOM

    11. Andr3 _the_kid

      Who else listen to this everyday

    12. Lou B

      why is no one talking about asap at the beginning acting all merry n shit lmao

    13. Emmanuel Ferguson

      that nigga can not do push ups

    14. Reuben Jordan

      Backing is on point :)

    15. Flex Jonga

      the time so happens to be 20:20 CAT

    16. e c h o f a n g

      this left me with goosebumps

    17. Issosonic Higgzie

      Fuck Yes

    18. Henning Sostmann

      Why the dislikes ?

    19. Ride Smoke

      Let that shit for sometimes

    20. Camila Buse

      why is kali not even mentioned!>

    21. wingnut8535

      worst song ever

      1. Prod. Corrupted  [손상된]

        wingnut8535 lmao u good?

    22. Sweet Bro Hella Jeff

      Been waiting for this shit too damn long 💞

    23. Francisco Grijalva

      Song starts at 2:19

    24. ghozt141TF

      This shit is fire. Like I can't explain this shit is just fire.

    25. JayCvb

      Damn this video was really good

    26. Creation 28

      Wes Anderson fan much....?🤔

    27. Tes Gee

      Flower Flower Flower Flower Flower Flower Boiiiii

    28. Sl98

      A wild A$ap Rocky has appeared 0:17

    29. The GV15 Show


    30. aidept

      Respect from Russia

    31. Daniel Rowley

      Why isn’t that Ending in the actual track

    32. graci e

      This is honestly such a good fucking video I’ve watched it so many times. It’s so well filmed and artistically conceptuaized I love the whole thing

    33. mahad

      Category: Education

    34. Key Shanece

      Ily ❤️

    35. joe johnson

      goodnes of a flower

    36. Digital Studio

      Who is the producer of this melody ? Sounds totally like young N.E.R.D. ❤️

    37. TwiDash FTW

      This shit on acid is fucking beautiful

    38. Eddy B

      Those pushups at the beginning were garbage. Zero, zero, ZERO

    39. sarah Mulligan

      I love how this was filmed this is all everyone has been fucking looking for!!!

    40. Ryan Clouthier


    41. Juan Music

      Oh My God, I Love Song.

    42. Frida Lanzinger


    43. Justin George


    44. Счастливый человек

      My views are only one million

    45. Eine Kobold

      Magnum Opus of his career

    46. I y a n a

      This is amazingly refreshing.

    47. I y a n a

      Olives, my oliiiives

    48. pdiddster12345

      Beautiful video and song!

    49. lil shy

      Wtf....I thought this dude would be trash 😂😂 nigga top 10 greatest rapper of all time

    50. andru

      is that the same tree he used for ORKA?