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    I'm heartbroken, I won't ever believe that Tim is gone so soon, yet I know that we'll always be connected somehow and his music will live forever. He was inspiration to millions of people. He was someone I looked up to, and I started to make music only because of Tim. I recorded this song couple months ago and it felt right to dedicate it to my hero - Avicii ◢ ◤ I'm thankful for everything you've done!
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    1. Rance Ranola Music beat channel

      This song is so nice tubu I love this song so so much tubu

    2. Milton Elirk

      Tobu: The best dedication that can exist is as if avicii was present. Avicii will never die his music will never stop listening.😇

    3. theyoutubechannel

      Rest In Peace Tim Bergling. I love you Tobu, your music is amazing.

    4. 키리도령

      God need legends singer

    5. DJ Jelle

      YOU must come back YOUR the Roblox Music legend YOU make so GOOD Music


      Need u aaaaa Need u aaaaa

    7. Llama Cheesecake

      To Tobu and everyone else grieving over the loss of Tim; may Jesus bless you. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'll be praying for you.

    8. Josif Andreev

      Hey Tobu! Will you make a full version of this song i love it so much!

    9. Mason Hawk

      Super cool, absolutely love it!

    10. Claudia Rivas


    11. Claudia Rivas

      Tobu 💔😩😖😍😍:D

    12. londonaviationphotography

      I must say your music is great +tobu

      1. Tobu

        Thx! :)

    13. Peter Hans

      I really love the vocal chop of the Need U, it’s really sounds more chill with it’s bass

    14. Claudia Rivas


    15. Claudia Rivas


    16. Claudia Rivas


    17. Claudia Rivas

      Tobu igual music life:D

    18. Prince Chico

      Tobu.... WHAT A BEST OF YOU... Please be friends with k391

    19. Santiago Gaming & vloging

      Love this song!

    20. henry lin

      keep on chasing your dreams 7obu we need u the animations are awesome 2

    21. xKayZen

      You are the best DJ in the World the biggest the only one Tobu can be the new Avicii with your talents don’t give up !!! (Fan very happy to see you all this years since 2014) ^^

      1. xKayZen

        Tobu you’re the best Tobu.. don’t give up please ☺️

      2. Tobu

        Thx! ;)

    22. ꧁༺ৡۣۜ͜͡우ৡ༒ ৡۣ͜͡댕ৡ༻꧂

      OMG.... Hello Tobu... Today I realize Avicii is gone... Avicii is my best of singer..... I always wake up by Avicii's music and sleep from Avicii's music..... But he is gone... I can't belive it... I'm sorry to hear that news. I need u Avicii and Tobu...

      1. Tobu


    23. YesYou -

      Love U ToBU

    24. muze

      Noooo tim..... come back.... It's all over now.... so please wake up....

    25. Yuto Takahashi

      ◢ ◤ A V I C I I .........

    26. William Aharde

      Avicii never die!

    27. spence12310

      I wish that could be my screen saver.

    28. Joe Chip

      wow thank you Tobu you are awesome RIP AVICII!!! /\\/

    29. Austin Whitman

      Can we get a rip in the chat boys

    30. Jacob_hi13

      9mil out of 9mil

    31. Heng Joan

      Tobu I just can’t...... You are the best

    32. Neeraj Mestri

      RiP my Hero and legend Avicii

    33. Dawer Redsa


    34. Tenka

      i like avicii

    35. Sara Ragonesi

      Wow Omg

    36. toadgaming YT

      His music will never be forgotten

      1. Tobu


    37. toadgaming YT

      Recently found out how avicii died, let's just say... don't do suicide, it's not worth it.

    38. amlan bills

      great job tobu 😭😭😭😭😭 i like it👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    39. Hypotrinity - Official channel

      ╭┈┈┈┈╯   ╰┈┈┈╮  ╰┳┳╯    ╰┳┳╯        💧

    40. Jacob_hi13


    41. Wally M

      Only 500K views... :/

      1. Tobu


    42. Anso Aviapa

      ❤️💪you be miss avicii stay strong r.i.p

    43. Veynome

      Nice message.... Life is sometimes very sad.

    44. Abyy Tara

      1m subs please come to indonesia☺☺@Tobu

    45. 하하하

      ◢ ◤ be alive in our hearts

    46. Joel Ortiz

      ❤❤❤ tobu eres el mejor sigue así tobu la comunidad latina te amamos

    47. George Amajoyi

      tobu i need u please

    48. Minecraft Ciach

      So, What's the problem?

    49. Jaweh Resurreccion

      Nice Tobu ! Keep up the good work 👍🏾

    50. KimByronJr DeVilla

      If you sub me i will sub you