kermits middlechild struggle summarized (meme)

JnJ memes

JnJ memes

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    EDIT: had to cut the audio at 1:20 because apparently 10 seconds of a sad song is enough for yt to demonetize the whole vid. pretty much ruined the joke but yea rip. sorry yall
    what can i say. kermits life is really hard.
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    1. Midget McGee

      Jacksfilms is better

    2. RavenTheShaman Livestream9999

      ONE THING I notice is that Kermit's eyes are completely black while other dog's eyes - including ones of his own kind - got a white sclera with the black pupil, cornea with the Iris (the coloured part of the eye). Tho he is funny, I am saying he might be possessed because I saw a bird with similar eyes, screaming at a man's door to let him in - VIOLENTLY - and given how he attacks you all when you show him love, think about it 🤔

    3. Michael Felix

      Do you guys sleep in different beds? Is the fag guy with purple hair just to cater to the lgbtq community? They are a minority... it's not as cool as you think.

    4. Lesserbean

      gee i was having a bad day and now im binging your videos and im laughing my butt off ! so thank you ! :D

    5. Night Draws


    6. SραƈҽPσρƚαɾƚ

      This will get through as some kind of poltergeist movie. Mostly because of this part => 4:46

    7. Monique Thomas

      "It's always Kermit"

    8. snake lord 777

      4:46 omg

    9. Alexis Frizell

      Kermit going for the hug is me trying to be socially involved lol. like if this is you

    10. Sunflower 77

      At times he looks like Mr. Miagi

    11. Sunflower 77


    12. Meghan Smith

      jesus the face tracking with ominous music gets me every time

    13. Nathan Is Satan

      4:47 Kermit's schizophrenic fit

    14. Mania

      I don't even watch these people yet ID-news keeps recommended me videoes of these doggos and I keep clicking.

      1. JnJ memes

        thank you for your service

    15. Hyrum Wood

      Men are dying their hair blue and becoming dog moms now........i pray for that solar flare or atmospheric nuke -edit: and the girlfriend let's the dog put it's tongue in her mouth.......

    16. FireSidePhoenix

      4:46 had me straight shook

    17. Sasha and Sophie #CATS

      I could NOT stop laughing

    18. ihatecanola 1

      “i saw god” OMFMF

    19. Brittanii Starzz

      2:01 Kermit looks like a Wal-Mart employee with that vest on

    20. Joj Cena

      I diagnose kermit with depression and bipolar disorder or just bipolar if you go by definition

    21. Vortexa Star

      0:01 to 1:53 was my whole young childhood in Kermie Vision.

    22. timmy timmytimmy


    23. Bradles McGee

      not you lmao

    24. Super Duper

      Make dog subtitles bigger

    25. Moiks

      cement paesh and dead are like the side characters you care about more than the main characters in a show

    26. M&J views

      Omg i laughed and was terrified at the same time 4:48

    27. Charple

      Sorbet is a poor nasty boi

    28. Seriene Plays

      8:27 is my favorite part

    29. Jane Canavan

      You're all so gorgeous together. Best wishes from London, UK xx

    30. hailey

      4:48 had me IN TEARS LMAO

    31. Pinky P

      I’m Cermit everyday

    32. Donshe' Smith

      Everyone including me is crying about 4:47 😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

    33. R J

      Happy Birthday Kermit

    34. Pat Dog

      I am binge watching this dog today, he is an angel

    35. Random Randler

      4:48 wow kermit 😂 😂 😂

    36. Remixed Thoughts

      kermit bleps so much. i don't know how to feel about that

      1. Katt Sky

        Remixed Thoughts i feel so taken back by his nasty beauty

    37. Hurbii

      i cantbreath

    38. TheAnnouncer

      I feel like Kermit is experiencing some courage the cowardly dog shit. Like there’s fucked up shit happening and he’s the only one that notices.

    39. fab_

      I love triggered Jenna 5:27

    40. Arielle Franklin

      4:47 your welcome

    41. Allanna Berridge

      Did anyone else notice the Irish spring on the tv??? Edit: Oh nvm this comment has already been posted 😢 Sad Kermit

    42. Arielle Franklin

      7:33 He didn't wanna Kermit suicide

    43. Leave //

      Me trying to lick the cheeto dust off my hands after I ate the whole bag (0:05)

    44. Sam Peche

      please! can anyone help me find the name of the song at 1:59 ???

    45. Alyssa Soto

      4:48 ur welcome

    46. jac jac

      is good. is. this is how I talk now

    47. Beth Meyers

      Aw...poor Peach you yelled at her. Why can't each of their birthday's involve all of them. It seems like Kermit gets most of the attention.

    48. Randell

      4:45 🌞

    49. MiniAvrilLavigne


    50. Ha Ba

      Kermit looks like Dobby 🤣🤣🤣