Wakey Wakey...

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    1. Zenx Life

      Finally u guys posted

    2. Pøp turtle

      The purple thing at the end may be the new sponsor.

    3. Between Boston

      Well... WE ARE WAITING

      1. Savannah Echeverria

        Whatever's going on, they're announcing it at a festival on the 29th.

    4. Jorge Sebastian Tello Arana

      Like si lo estas viendo un domingo

    5. Daniel Kutomi

      The screen is in 18:9

    6. FR13ND5

      In what account of Kick Starter i should put all my f*king money??!!

    7. MaxUm Gacha

      Conaco... FINAL SPACE

    8. netherking inc

      6 months and I'm still hyped and waiting

      1. netherking inc

        Edit:my calendar is a month ahead

    9. linda zapato

      Gravity falls V2

    10. mr jero

      Other part the don't hug me i'm scared plis :'(

    11. Chase Jimenez

      this... has no description?

    12. JJ's Workshop

      Its been nearly 6 months since the trailer. WHEN DOES THIS PREMIERE???

      1. Martin Games

        If you have already premiered at the festival, look for the pilot on ID-news -_-

    13. pudim de nabo

      Get redy to fuck your mind?

    14. Amanda Garcia

      I really need this to come out soon :)

      1. Reiley Grace

        Amanda Garcia same

    15. Swed Mapping

      Official Season 2 of more torturing

    16. Jannis Baum


      1. Jannis Baum

        but they could make so much more because of the netflix team and they would even get paid more

      2. I'm Dead Inside

        Please no

    17. Jonathan Sifuentes

      Man when will they release the first episode I waited when I first watched the trailer in September 2018

    18. Jake Hayes

      *Now an official ID-news Premium series*

    19. Jubiroba keebo


    20. Sharilyn Kingbird-Samreth

      Who will get his special bowling ball?

    21. Exploding Mushrooms

      I’m still waiting 2019

    22. latinogamer101

      i love this series

    23. PlaystationReloaded

      I’m your new mayaaaaaaaaaaa

    24. Josephysia

      i was satisfied with the ending of the webseries. idk if im gonna like this.

    25. Love Blazer


    26. idiotices do pedro


    27. Marama Heck

      If love to work with these people if I could 😭

    28. ELISEIHAHA Lool

      2000 year later

    29. ivy dubois

      hell yeah

    30. fatal helper23

      The song is so good

    31. boo boo jeffries

      this thing lost its charm at 5, just stop it

    32. EB Films

      I bet the next episode will come out on June 19? 😯

    33. Dea7h FluffyKatto

      Boys its never coming out... Super deluxe is one of the producers and they stopped doing videos and such.

    34. SLicK CLiPş


    35. mememaster2000

      *_Top 10 Saddest Animie Delays_*

    36. Cristina Manzano

      What scare me entertain me because it has deep meaning

    37. Mario Ferreira

      Is there gonna be more?!

    38. Blob Brothers

      THIS COULD BE ONE WHOLE EPISODE because, proof: The "yellow guy" has a 38 pin on him, so thats all i got

    39. Juckthebuck

      I’m falling asleep again

    40. ArcaneAzmadi

      Oh no... _we thought we were free..._

    41. Tyler Jess

      Odd you know this is not kid friendly

    42. RadioPusheenCat

      But yet *the log is still in the bin*

    43. bendy gamer11

      I need an ocarina tab of this or any DHMIS,ocarina is my only instrument.

    44. Cupcake Animations


    45. Ecool dagod

      Hug me I'm ok

    46. Sinistxr

      The song for this is great

    47. papi ambrose vlogs :v

      On this day salad fingers 11 came out. Now I wonder if Dhmis will come out in 11 days 🤔

    48. mehatma Zero


    49. sad

      Alright boys only gotta wait till June 19/20 only 4 months to go

    50. Arafat Esin

      Deep web

    51. Angel Cutie 740

      I hope it’s coming back!!!!

    52. Zara ASMR

      It can’t beat What’s Your Favourite Idea 💡

    53. Aishi Kanashī

      My anus is prepared.

    54. Bacon Hair Randy

      I can't wait

    55. Dino Mono

      Pause at 0:09 you can see tony clock, yellow guys clown drawing, and malcom

    56. Jami Mejia


      1. Maximiliano Andres Calderon


      2. this gay cactus


    57. Pocket Ghost

      I hope everything in production will come out alright!! Keep up the amazing work! You're doing great!

    58. Raul Alb

      I'm still waiting waiting Sorry

    59. Timmy Drawzit

      👁‍🗨👁‍🗨 👃 _____

    60. sowan68

      *O H F U C K*

    61. Foxy Loves Squids


    62. Zachary Wallace

      Hey don’t told me I’m scared can you show the teaser on your channel


      What are you waiting for? You've shown the pilot on Sundance Film Festival, why don't you upload it on ID-news or get in on Netflix or Amazon Video or WHATEVER. Some of us (like me) didn't see it at Sundance and we are waiting for it!

    64. Derp Chan

      :o Looks interesting!

    65. 爱人没有L.O.L suga

      Ya quiero que salgan los nuevos episodios ya no espero más 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😇😇😇😇😇

    66. Renee loves pandas

      Waits slowly

    67. Morgan Smith

      YASSS! HOPE ITS 2019!

    68. ThatOneTyler VR


    69. Cameron Slone

      Wakey Wakey! To the new day! And today is my birthday! The yellow balloons up in the sky must mean it’s time to go outside it’s my birthday! *laughs* Hello! Yay! Now I’m here, and I’m another one! And I live with him in this funny house! And every day when the sun comes out we go outside and walk about in our town! I lived here my whole life. Why? It seems as if only yesterday- it is me now. I’m another one. And I also live with them in the funny house too. And every morning we sing this song. Every morning. Yes we do! And it’s my birthday! Yay! We just can’t to wait and see, what’s going to happen to us three, Every day is an opportunity, Wakey Wakey!

    70. •¿악천 ahchun?•

      OH!!! Yessss

    71. gay Fluffy

      anyone noticed help, help2 & wakey wakey the video length always has a lumber 9 in it do with this information as you please

    72. ღ Mina -Chan ღ

      Desenho bizarro ❤️

    73. Red Guy

      Stil waiting🎈🕕👀

    74. دمعه حزن

      قعححعل نههغلي٩حيسهليته

    75. دمعه حزن

      قعححعل نههغلي٩حيسهليته

    76. Heroic Dragon


      1. SULLY WULLY

        He isn't!

      2. Heroic Dragon

        I asked him

      3. Four TheNumber

        Heroic Dragon What? No He isn’t

      4. Heroic Dragon

        R u one of the creators?

    77. Gabriel de la Peña Edgar

      How long will it be now? Feels like an eternity

      1. SULLY WULLY

        They have already shown it on Sundance Film Festival.

    78. Vitor Animaツ

      epic legendary!!!

    79. Haley Dead

      Why do I love the song so much though. I want this to be an actual full song maybe even with lyrics too

    80. Jayden V Ward


    81. rekoh gon viral

      Broo i got a crazy idea what if u would start uploading

      1. SULLY WULLY

        I think it was sarcasm.

      2. Four TheNumber

        rekoh gon viral How is that a crazy idea?

    82. TC_Duck

      Still waiting

    83. Yvonne Inman

      Is this before the reset? If so, they should be blue red and green 🤔

    84. Mester Crismin9000

      Don’t Hug Me I’m Hyped

    85. Nintendástico ! ツ

      *I LOVE DON'T HUG ME I'M SCARE! ^ ^*

    86. Riccuu Lunar


    87. husky fluffers

      Don't hug me I'm hyped

    88. Dilan Arias

      BaD DrEaM

    89. L.A.M Productions


    90. Oscar G.P

      TheOdd1sOut enjoys the series?

    91. Janean Vildosola

      When is it coming?

    92. Nico Balassi

      Hurry up it’s been 5 months

      1. Four TheNumber

        Nico Balassi Give them time, Stuff like Movies and TV Shows take a long time to make, So please be patient.

    93. GreekMetalFreak


    94. Jerrylin


    95. Angel DeSoto

      Yeah so it’s been about 5 months

      1. Four TheNumber

        Angel DeSoto Be patient.

    96. em que motivo

      I wonder what will happen...

    97. The8bitgamer

      soo when do we get to watch season 2 of dhims? and were

    98. Noni Says Pass the TomTord! timturd :3

      Please tell me its coming back

    99. rose zingone

      its been five months. we're waiting??

      1. Four TheNumber

        SULLY WULLY It’s not even a ID-news series this time, It’s now a TV series

      2. SULLY WULLY

        But they are already finished and don't upload it! At least I want to know why they do not upload it!

      3. Four TheNumber

        rose zingone You’re acting really impatient.