Weekend Update: Pete Davidson Apologizes to Lt. Com. Dan Crenshaw - SNL

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    Pete Davidson stops by Weekend Update to apologize for his comments about Lt. Com. Dan Crenshaw.
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    1. ManaJack

      Thank you, next

    2. based linne

      Tbh Iโ€™ve watched more comedy skits involving Pete Davidson than listened to songs by Ariana Grande

    3. DAT NWG

      BIG BOSS!!!

    4. Claire Isabella

      any video with pete gets so many views so fast wow

    5. Annette May

      Have a positive Veteran's Day to everyone who served and is serving in the military. Never forget.

    6. Bond Lohden

      Thank you Pete and SNL. Would never thank I would say that in a million years. Good stuff.

    7. Eric Charbonneau

      Canโ€™t believe this albino butthole eyed weirdo was married to Ariana Grande for 6 weeks

    8. Patrick

      The best SNL I've watched

    9. Nasty Grind

      Pete is cool af...he is just living and when he stumbles along the way, he tries to make it right ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    10. Luke Rogers

      And the left are the snowflakes right?

    11. Jon H


    12. Angelo 23

      It's so refreshing to see political comedy used to bridge a gap rather than create one. Being able to make fun at each other is a fundamental part of tolerance. Hope it will last!

    13. Matt Carlson

      Snl needed a way to bring some ratings back after a talentless idiot flaps his mouth. But thank you Lt. Com. Crenshaw for your service and sacrifices you made.

    14. Thomas

      Good come back. I guess Iโ€™ll start watching again.

    15. Byamba


    16. Drew Henderson

      Never forget

    17. M.A.G. Visions

      That was cool of him good one Americans can forgive

    18. Terry S.

      Who the fuck could dislike this video?

    19. DRad A

      Damn dude, what a true hero. Smart choice snl.

    20. MORE MMA

      Didn't know of Dan Crenshaw before this but I am starting to like him. Need to look into him.

    21. DJ

      Land of the brave, free and ... United ... ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ™

    22. Elected News

      CLASS ACT.

    23. Akash Kumar

      Well said, Lt. Salute you and all the veterans!!!

    24. Lost Race

      Political parties still aint shit

    25. Powerpatriot

      I don't believe a word this little troll says. The entire time of his "apology" he is cracking jokes.

    26. israel aguilar

      This is comedy no bashing on trump bash on a nigga that's sitting in the room

    27. ibieiniid

      This'll be extra funny when the American civil war flares back up.

    28. david hough

      I am impressed! That actually makes sense.

    29. Rob Rivera

      I know a hero who brags about the 27 terrorist he killed in war and saved his brothers from an imminent attack. why can't you have him as a guest? and he came back in one piece an just got a black belt in jiu-jitsu.

    30. this was an accident 2.0

      Thank you next

    31. kelly stewart

      Pete Davidson looks like a Christopher walken... Not a young one just as he is now.

    32. Toitle Time

      I miss the old SNL

    33. Funny mama

      Cool and cool !!

    34. Dorky Pork

      Comedians shouldn't apologize

    35. Joshua Monickaraj

      Somehow, Pete Davidson looks more gay than Milo Yiannapolous

    36. mysterychemistry

      Lorne should be the next potus!

    37. Opop Da man

      At the end when Colin says thatโ€™s weekend Update goodnight! Look at Pete. Listen closely. He says your a good man and thank you to dan.

    38. Logan Swartz

      This is the best SNL segment Iโ€™ve seen in a VERY long time

    39. Shaun Shaun

      Im support making fun of all politicians. Limp dick libs at NBC have no backbone

    40. ibieiniid

      Here's something you'll never see on Fox and Friends.

    41. Barney Stinson

      Ehhh. Pete Davidson can still go fuck himself

    42. The Matt

      Butt ๐Ÿ‘€

    43. William Anthony

      Sadly for America snl will still be unfunny.

    44. Matias Gutierrez

      Never forget that a politician put u their fighting with each other or n another country do wat brings us together have fun laugh lol

    45. Sasha Stevens

      Hello if you all could be as so so kind to watch a quality video of some train sounds made by me

    46. Mr. Man

      Wow, great vid

    47. Juan Luis Jimenez Cruz

      Who the fuck is this guy?

    48. Jake Barry

      Fam he had the Ariana song as his ringtone ๐Ÿ˜‚

    49. Hvc Tazz

      lmfaooooo he got u times 10x

    50. Leon Christian

      We are not Republicans or Democrats. Let's be American first.