What's The Best Mascara To Cry In



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    1. Daria Strunina

      I cried watching that. Literally. With tears.

    2. Ellie Dean

      Jenna please make Julien into you and you into julien

    3. Angelina Bufagna

      The mascara that’s double sided with the white side is the best mascara to cry in :))

    4. kayla Hewett

      Jenna no push into my forehead let me be the artist Julian.........

    5. pep rika

      But i thought i started this? on July 12th, on one of your recent instagram posts, I asked you in a comment "what's the best mascara to cry in?" i thought i started this ;-;

    6. Emma Beckman

      you looked like kermet for this whole video

    7. Bogi Erdős

      Who's still waiting for thr mascaries in 2019??

    8. Niah J .

      God Bless 🙏🏾💗

    9. Cappy Spruance

      More like Billie Eyelash, amirite?

    10. Samantha Koeberle

      *looking for a video to watch* Ooh Jenna *sees title* Ahh yes. A classic

    11. Terry Wightman

      You squeezed a good one out of both eyes! I was laughing my ass off!!!!! It had to be typed out for dramatic effect.

    12. Lolo

      id-news.com/online/video-TN45NG56f2g.html i’ve heard your pet peeve is a bad voice over. 🤠watch this😉😉😉😉😉😉

    13. Zane Santor

      “This is, my husband left me for another man!” Is this Trina from Falsettos?

    14. Advancedeater

      Soemoene should turn this into a Billie eilish edit

    15. Jaida M

      You look like Harley Quinn

    16. Ilaflower is cool

      1:20 Jenna predicted 7 rings

    17. Fancy G.

      Jenna's merchant should be mascara that you can cry in

    18. kiley

      I literally thought he said _”don’t cry, craft”_ and I was literally about to donate all my money

    19. Kira Chambers

      "Trisha paytas crying on my kitchen floor" 😂 😂 😂

    20. rose white

      just do what billie ellish did in her music video and you’ll be perfect

    21. Sawyer Try’s occasionally

      A sexuals: You know what’s better than sex crying

    22. Jordan Sneed

      Julien’s commentary is my favorite.

    23. pidge pidgey

      Wait what green mascara is she using tho?

    24. riverofperil

      My dog just got diagnosed with cancer and I can testify for wet n wild lengthening mascara...

    25. Sophie Pike

      1:12 don't cry craft

    26. Nyla K

      There’s this girl in my school who wears makeup everyday but I think she cries every morning because you can see it in her foundation and black tears streaming down her face. Not hating because same

    27. Rebekah Anne 420

      I did test out the colossal big shot mascara and it’s really good to cry in

    28. Yesenia Arroyo

      My mascara takes batteries

    29. Elizabeth Griffin

      This is one of my favorite Jenna Marbles videos 😂

    30. amy p

      U can od on eyedrops...just so ya know😂😂😂😂😂

    31. Crunchy_ Pup


    32. Becere alkiller

      I just imagined Kermit with the darkest mascara and crying 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

    33. Simply autumn15

      Am I the only one that thought this bitch was trying to find the best WATERPROOF mascara and crying to see if it works but she wants to look like shit and I’m looking like a potato with the water proof shit

    34. zoster🤪

      “MY husband left ME for another man...BITCH!”

    35. Erin Leigh


    36. Brida Polar

      I wanna brag and joke because I have experience plus never use mascara that doesn't cry with you. My bitch motto.

    37. Mary DelVecchio

      *cries in Spanish*

    38. Insertkawaiifacehere •O•

      Jullian: Yea the MEXICAN dogs Me: *WHEEZE*

    39. MoOnY MoNi

      ...don't cry...craft

    40. Betty Kline

      *100 layers of mascara then crying*

    41. Sarah Woodward

      Dior Dior Dior *Ghostface Mary* HI SISTERS 👯!!!!

    42. hailey jones

      I’m pretty sure that bright bunk and green mascara you can get from literally anywhere is petty runny and dark

    43. itsya girl420

      Jenna: What did you do? Julian: I didn't have a mirror 😂😂😂😂😂

    44. Emily Lizbet Fulton

      if you want a good messy crying mascara, try any mascara from essence...

    45. Sam Defriece

      Try it again but put it on your bottom lashes

    46. A E

      Rewatching and Jenna scream laughing at "Marc Jaybubs" 😂

    47. Samantha Jolene

      Omg this happened to me when I was wearing the mascara from Sephora that’s a “plum” color it doesn’t look purple on your lashes but fuck if you cry at all it looks like you’re bleeding from the eyes 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    48. Lisa Chiappetti


    49. Marlena Rozner

      Please tell me who has the heart to dislike this masterpiece

    50. Anna Rea Walker

      to open the mascara you play a game, almost like Bloody Mary, but not exactly see what you do is stand in a dark bathroom in front of the mirror, turn around 3 times and say “Flashback Mary, Flashback Mary, Flashback Mary” sister Mary will show up & provide the assistance needed & your mascara should be open

    51. Amy Paproth

      Anyone else go back and watch her videos a billion times because they’re just fantastic. I could watch her all day and night 25/7

    52. Megan H

      this video radiates aries energy

    53. Tasha Nikola

      I’ve cried in better than sex 4 times and I’ve never gotten any marks

    54. too many apples

      Bring on the black tears

    55. shahary. .

      5:57 - 6:13 i almost *peed* myself

    56. Vader Offline

      This is a helpful video for apology videos

    57. Diana

      *cries in artist* had me dead 😭😭

    58. Lilah Grove

      All the bachelor contestants, take notes

    59. Stupid Mermaid

      I just love Jenna's piercings

    60. Susie Stucky

      lmao my friend is a virgo and she has a crush on an Aries and literally you and Julien were the first people that came to mind what does that say about me

    61. milkdud4444

      This is the internet that I signed up for

    62. Amy G

      Julien needs a mic for all his jokes in the background 😅

    63. Brooke 4

      Now this. This is the kind of content I signed up for. Props to Jenna for helping us with the stuff we are longingly needing

    64. dreamyskiez

      everyone else gets pizza bagels and my mom packed me a lettuce and mayonnaise sandwich.

    65. Rachelle Benge

      I think the idea you have in mind is the billy music video for when the party’s over

    66. 아만다Amanda

      to be fair if she was wearing winged eyeliner all of them would be black all the way down lol

    67. leftovertaco100

      Watching this while actually crying is AMAZING.

    68. ouch my poor emo heart

      I love Juliens commentary

    69. Duo Cheng

      This video should be published in Nature and Science!!

    70. RDoran 6

      “Don’t cry, cry.”

    71. MrsSuperZluka

      Watching this makes me cry.

    72. sydnie rodriguez

      “have you ever seen such elegance..” i died hahahha

    73. Celeste Betances

      so im not the only weird one that enjoys when my mascara and eyeliner look like a fucking mess on my face after my good dramatic cry alone. i wish this was sarcasm >.> but the appeal is quite nice. least im not cryin alone too

    74. Eden Francesca Limcaco

      Omg this is literally the second video I watched of you and I subscribed and got your post notifications on

    75. Taylor Knytych

      I love your relationship lol you guys are perfect for each other

    76. AshyNorthstar

      wtf is a pizza nugget...i need to know

    77. WilsonScooterBlueberry Love

      4:14 Heh.... hehe.... (if you try this, pause the vid then press the time button)

    78. Drue Ashton

      Put some mascara on your searmatte and let him cry

    79. Sheryl J

      The BEST tear 14:07

    80. Ana Mg

      Hell yeah

    81. Kara Mahoney

      'you know what's better than sex? crying!' that fucking KILLED me

    82. Halle Cat

      4:40 same

    83. Elizabeth Bushey

      old school great lash

    84. Georgia Vidal

      Smashbox full exposure will fuck you up fam

    85. J

      I lost it when Julien put the mascara on

    86. o o p s ??

      Almost 16 minutes of Jenna fake crying better than any other apology video

    87. Mypetshop1

      Do this with cement Bc he’s always crying anyways

    88. Weird Wolfiee Art

      that’s too many drops...

    89. Weird Wolfiee Art

      you need a watery mascara. They work way better.

    90. Weird Wolfiee Art

      There should be a mascara just for crying in

    91. Weird Wolfiee Art

      why does my hair smell like throwup

    92. Weird Wolfiee Art

      I think you have to give it a few minutes to dry...

    93. Alexandria Thompson

      Don't cry, craft!

    94. CookieCat83

      Just cry more

    95. Thecla Shubert

      Julian: your is blue! (Eye is definitely stained green)

    96. Finessa Woo

      I literally just bought the better than sex mascara.. ReErRerReeE

    97. Solitas

      Jenna: *Mentions Trisha* Me: *Instant like*

    98. TYGRE

      can we like put a wireless mic on Julien for these videos because half of it is you laughing at him when I can’t hear him which means its half of it me blaring my video and putting it to my ear to hear him

    99. Remy McGrigor

      When I wanna cry, I just imagine I’m at my own birthday party where I hit my piñata and it bursts open but all the kids (the ones that are only excited for the sweets and cake they are going to get and not for you) steal the candies before you get the chance and you’re left all sad because you didn’t actually get anything on your birthday (all the kids couldn’t be bothered and your parents forgot and you had to organise the party yourself).

    100. Anastasiya Strelkova

      I love this crazy girl