What's The Best Mascara To Cry In



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    1. jazzpuppy

      I cried watching this

    2. Rebekah Cooper

      why did this video make me cry😂

    3. Niamh O'Connor

      i watch like all her vids three times

    4. jane haviland

      laura lee has eneteted the chat

    5. Thimble Fox

      Trixie Mattel wants this for us

    6. MayLay ‘3’ Luv.3.

      Ok so in all of Jenna’s vids she says something funny they laugh a little then julien adds a few words here and there to her joke then they can’t stop laughing 👍🏼👌🏼 quality content like if you agree or if you notice this too:)

    7. rissydolly123

      My grandad passed away in September so this video was very useful in October witch was when his funeral was

    8. Jané Pretorius

      Where's the Virgos at?

    9. dirtybongwater

      This entire video just made me think of that episode of The Hills when Lauren Conrad cried a black tear and it was a huge thing

    10. Casey Cochran

      you are my reason to live

    11. Anne Bunster

      fast forward to now with billie ellish's video where she cries black GIRL U NEED THAT MASCARa

    12. Chasing Ghosts

      i have the Better Than Sex one and it’s my favorite, good to cry in too

    13. Hannrkelley K

      Thank you, this helped me realise why I had such horrible transfer with diorshow, the constant crying. AND it has fibres in it so it was severely irritating?! Bastards. Cause it looked fucking great. Most helpful video ever thank you very much.

    14. mandii babii

      when you feel like shit bc your 36 weeks pregnant and this video makes you feel so much better 😂😂💕

    15. Jayden èué

      She had to channel her inner kermit

    16. K M

      this is some good info

    17. Amanda Nicole Hoffman

      just throwing it out there. This doubles as worst mascara to wear when giving head.

    18. nabila n

      omg this Billie Eilish music video looks cool

    19. Shadow D. Nightmare

      The Internet is a beautiful place

    20. Cassandra Spenks

      Please discover the best foundation to cry in. The foundation that carves out streaks on your cheeks where there is no hope hiding the fact you cried in a bathroom stall.

    21. Selma Najim

      Try watching this with your sound off

    22. Trinity Rae

      lol this reminded me of when the party’s over by billie eilish

    23. David Kinnaird

      You should dress up as a Christmas tree for Christmas 🌲

    24. SERN

      I need an official Titanic/Fresh Prince remix please.

    25. Angel Parker

      Thank you Jenna. Now I know which mascara to use during a blowie.

    26. Irithil Móreadhiel

      Don't cry... craft!

    27. bereghost bgh

      you look like my friend from 5 yrs ago during a bachelor party

    28. Nicoleta Frosinean

      People rise up shots,Jenna rises tears drops

    29. Cyrus Alexander

      1:11 "Don't cry, cry."

    30. Kat Free

      Wait, did you wait for the mascara to dry before crying? Overall, thank you for your hard research.

    31. rylee miller

      9:11 julien looks like emo me in the 9th grade crying in the bathroom about MCR...i feel personally attacked.

    32. Savannah Ramos

      Omg do this again but cut an onion instead of eyedrops!!

    33. YEPPO hello

      I don't think Jenna is humanly capable of click bait. love this

    34. Emilee Atwood

      Jenna: You know whats better than sex? Crying. Me: *yup* *i do it every night* * starts crying *

    35. jackrussel999

      I was hoping you'd try tarte! That's the one I use and as long as I wipe properly it doesn't leave you looking like a Bachelor contestant mess. That's my dream look.

    36. Aubrey Laramore

      Billie eilish

    37. Flex

      Stop saying bitch, dude

    38. Lille Pille

      i need What's The Best Mascara To Cry In 2

    39. katie proc

      this is the first jenna marbles video i watched a year ago i love her ❤️

    40. Magdalena Ray

      P L E A S E do a part 2 of this and let fans suggest mascaras for you to cry in

    41. Ella E

      You could just use black acrylic paint🤷‍♀️

    42. swdfghj esdfghjk

      marbles is 63 in dog years dang he is old AF

    43. Fennik Frost

      My husband went on a fateful drive in a snowstorm died came back as a snowman and its the premis to jack frost XD 11:08

    44. D Strides

      7:05 that's the look when you've had too many cocktails so you're leaving the bar and someone has a fucking puppy

    45. Corrina Leo

      measures in bachelor weeks

    46. Antiex 12

      I'm sick and my stomach hurts and I wanna watch Jenna but I can't because when I laugh my stomach hurts and I can't stop laughing she is so funny😂😂😂😂😂😂

    47. Michelle Evans

      This is for the dramatic bitches that plan out their cry time for drama and I love it

    48. Leticia Arruda

      Mac “zoom lash” something is the best for crying in

    49. Lorelei-Rei V

      I wore NYX Doll Eye mascara while biking home in the rain for 30 minutes and it stayed the whole time ❤️

    50. Mary Jane Compton

      I totally died of laughter at the blue eye